ANSYS Chemkin-Pro

ANSYS Chemkin-Pro is the gold standard for modeling and simulating complex gas phase and surface chemistry reactions that are used for the conceptual development of combustion systems in cars, trucks, jet engines, boilers, chemical and materials processing equipment, and  refining applications. Chemkin-Pro’s wide array of accurate, fast and robust kinetic models make it the most trusted kinetic simulation tool for asking "what if" questions in the conceptual design phase. Engineers can quickly explore the impact of design variables on performance, pollutant emissions and flame extinction using large, accurate fuel models to obtain the results they need to make key product development decisions.

Understanding and predicting the effects of chemistry in a system are key to developing competitive products in transportation, energy and materials processing applications. As designers of gas turbines, boilers and piston engines strive to meet low-emissions regulations with ever widening fuel flexibility requirements, they must also maintain, or even improve, their system's performance. Similarly, designing high-throughput materials and chemical processes with high yield and quality must be done with minimal byproduct or waste. Relying on testing alone for accurate performance validation is prohibitive, given today's complex designs and shortened design cycles. Effective simulation of the underlying detailed chemistry is often critical for cost-effective design of systems with reduced pollutant emissions or undesired byproducts.

Access legacy Reaction Design support materials.

See a whole new view

To help you gain key insights into kinetics dependencies, Chemkin-Pro includes the Reaction Path Analyzer. Employing an interactive visual display, the Reaction Path Analyzer provides a clear view of dominant reaction paths, facilitating mechanism development and reduction.

Use reactor networks to model complex flow-fields

Equivalent Reactor Networks (ERNs) allow simulation of real world combustors, burners and chemical reactors, enabling the most efficient prediction of emissions with detailed chemistry.

Gain better understanding of low emissions combustion stability

The Chemkin-Pro Extinction Model accomplishes fast, accurate calculations of the extinction strain rate used to determine a system’s combustion stability. This is important in premixed low-NOx combustion systems.

Understand and predict particle formation

The innovative Particle Tracking feature of Chemkin-Pro follows particle nucleation, growth, aggregation and oxidation. Two separate tracking approaches allow the prediction of average particle size and number density and/or detailed information on the particle size distribution, which can be used to predict soot emissions or to optimize particle production.

Easily create CFD flamelet tables with speed and accuracy

Many combustion system developers use combustion models that depend on flamelet table lookups in their CFD simulations. Chemkin-Pro provides a robust and fast method to create these flamelet tables for input into CFD models.

Explore how input uncertainties affect simulation results

Enhance the robustness of simulation results with the ability to calculate error bars based on user-defined input accuracy ranges.

Expand Gamma Technologies GT-Suite 2016 with plug-in capabilities

ANSYS Chemkin-Pro enables users to better evaluate and optimize powertrains for fuel effects, efficiency, knocking and emissions. GT-SUITE users can gain access to detailed and validated reaction mechanisms in ANSYS Model Fuel Library as an alternative to the standard GT-SUITE models, when optimizing their internal combustion engines for fuel effects, efficiency, knocking and emissions.