RF Systems, Antenna Design and Placement

The Internet of Things, wearable electronics, 5G, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are emerging applications that are driving extreme integration of radio frequency (RF) and wireless communications. The ANSYS Antenna and Wireless System Design flow is an automated workflow with the powerful simulation features you need to create reliable, optimized wireless communication and sensor systems, faster than your competition.

With this workflow, ANSYS delivers an integrated high-frequency design and virtual prototyping environment that includes high-fidelity circuit, system, antenna and RF environment interaction modeling. ANSYS HFSS has always given you complete high-frequency modeling and simulation capabilities for RF systems and antennas. Now, with integrated hybridized electromagnetic solvers based on finite-element, method of moments and shooting and bouncing rays (SBR+) methods, you can efficiently model components from the size of transistors to antennas on entire city blocks using HFSS. With the rapidly increasing number of wireless devices and a finite spectrum in which to operate, the likelihood of these communication systems interfering with each other and degrading the performance of neighboring systems becomes greater every day. To prevent this interference, the automated ANSYS workflow features an industry-leading solution for predicting and mitigating RF co-site and electromagnetic interference (EMI) of multiple radio transmitters and receivers, including out-of-band transmitter harmonics, receiver mixer products and amplifier intermodulation product effects.

Whether you’re designing a new wireless or RF-enabled sensor system, or troubleshooting an existing one, ANSYS gives you the insight and tools you need to incorporate integrated RF systems that are ready for their intended environment at first activation — at a fraction of the time and cost of your competitors.

Antenna Design and Placement

Solve Large-Scale Problems In a Connected World with HFSS SBR+.