Licensing and Terms of Use

ANSYS Academic product license terms of use are aligned with academic use. ANSYS Academic product licenses may not be used for any commercial activity, such as:  

  • Commercial production design, design validation or design assessment work.
  • Commercial manufacturing engineering work
  • Commercial research.
  • Consulting work performed by academic students, faculty or academic account staff
  • Training of commercial company employees.

The specific language that we use on our academic product license form is available from your ANSYS sales contact. A summary of the terms use, excerpted from our license form (section 5) is provided below.

License Form Excerpt

The analysis work performed with the program(s) must be nonproprietary work. Licensee and its contract users must be or be affiliated with an academic facility. Licensee may additionally permit individuals who are students at such academic facility to access and use the program(s). Such students will be considered contract users of licensee. The program(s) may not be used for competitive analysis (such as benchmarking) or for any commercial activity, including consulting.

Notwithstanding any terms of the agreement to the contrary, academic program(s) may be accessed and used by licensee at the designated site or any other location within a 50 mile radius of the designated site, provided that such location is within the same country as the designated site. Such limitations apply to any access and/or use of the academic program(s), including, but not limited to, access via a VPN connection or through license borrowing.

  • Academic Teaching
    These products may be used only for student instruction, student projects and student demonstrations.

  • Academic Research
    These products may be used only for degree and/or nondegree-related research, student instruction, student projects and student demonstrations.

  • Academic Associate
    These products may be used only for industry-related research, degree and/or nondegree-related research, student instruction, student projects and student demonstrations.

  • Academic Toolbox
    These products follow the terms of use of the academic products with which they are used. For example, the Academic Fuel Cell Tools module assumes Associate terms of use when used with an Academic Associate product.

Academic Toolbox


ANSYS Academic products are licensed using FLEXnet (FLEXlm), a common software license manager from Flexera Software. All academic product licenses are floating local area network (LAN) licenses utilizing a single designated license server. Product license files also can be provided for either single-server or three-server redundant systems.

Since many of the academic products are multiple-task licenses, all tasks are floated on the server's LAN. You can install the software on as many machines connected to the LAN as you like; however, the number of users who can simultaneously access the software is limited by the number of tasks you purchase (1, 5 , 25 or 50, etc.). If you need just a single licensed task on a single machine, even a laptop, make that machine your license server and install both the licensing software and the product on the same machine. It is a very flexible licensing scheme.


Academic products have an imposed 50-mile LAN radius, described on the license form. Users can access (or check out) licensed tasks from the license server through physical LAN or VPN connections. Additionally, the Academic Teaching level products have a license borrow feature that allows laptop users to check out a licensed task and then unplug from the LAN and work remotely for up to seven days (except the unlimited ANSYS DesignSpace feature, which may not be borrowed). Borrowed tasks must stay within the 50-mile LAN radius, and you can borrow up to n-1 tasks from an n task license. A borrowed license may be returned early by reconnecting to the network and using the ANSYS Borrow Utility.

The license borrow feature is OFF by default. If you need this feature, you must request it to be turned on at the time of your license purchase or renewal. There is no additional charge for this feature.

If you need a larger LAN radius (for distance learning programs) or a total academic software solution for an entire campus, discuss your requirements with your ANSYS sales person.