A Comparison of Steady-State Centrifugal Stage CFD Analysis to Experimental Rig Data

The commercial CFD tool, CFX5.6, was used to analyse the rear centrifugal stage portion of a multi-row axial plus centrifugal configuration. This centrifugal stage consisted of a tandem-bladed impeller in combination with a fishtail-style pipe diffuser. The CFD analysis was performed in parallel with experimental mapping of the centrifugal stage in the Pratt & Whitney Canada Centrifugal Compressor Rig facility. The stage was modelled in steady state using a mixing-plane interface and a complete characteristic was predicted at the design speed using both K-epsilon and SST models. Overall, the results of the steady state CFD predictions were found to agree well with measured data. The SST model predictions were found to match the experimental data considerably better than those using the K-epsilon model.

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