ANSYS Autonomy

Comprehensive Simulation and Software Development for ADAS and Autonomous Technology

The race to market is on ... but the hurdles are huge.

You can't deploy autonomous technology — on land, at sea or in air — without proving it will perform safely.

This requires a massive and potentially costly testing effort. Your advanced driver-assistance-systems (ADAS), highly autonomous or urban air mobility (UAM) vehicle must be tested under millions of possible operating scenarios.

To do this, you’d need to drive a prototype autonomous vehicle billions of miles — and do it faster than the competition.

Simulation is the only answer and ANSYS Autonomy is the industry’s most comprehensive simulation solution for ensuring the safety of autonomous technology.


Sensor simulation and validation. Simulate ALL sensor types — lidars, cameras, radars — to accurately predict installed-on-vehicle performance.

Functional safety, SOTIF and cybersecurity analysis. Perform hazard and operability (HAZOP) analysis, fault tree analysis (FTA), failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA), failure modes, effects and diagnostic analysis (FMEDA) for functional safety analysis, and target of evaluation (TOE) modeling, threat assessment and remediation analysis (TARA) and attack tree analysis for cybersecurity analysis.

Driving automation and control software development. Accelerate time to certification (2X) and reduce embedded software development costs by 50%, with simulation and automatic generation of ISO 26262-qualified code.

Scenario validation. Rapidly test vehicles under millions of driving scenarios, spanning complex real-world traffic, pedestrian, weather and lighting conditions.

Systems integration. Simulate control algorithms, human-machine interfaces (HMIs), vehicle dynamics, etc., from chip to system level to ensure the reliability and safety of the vehicle.