Academic Product Support Policy

ANSYS provides the following self-guided technical support for ANSYS Academic Product users:

  • Online Academic Resources — Repository of product installation and configuration guides and videos, introductory level product tutorial videos, best practices and FAQs. Provided on, the Online Academic Resource is intended for students, but is available to any academic product user.
  • ANSYS Customer Portal — Repository of product tutorials, training materials, product documentation, access to our technical support knowledgebase and ability to submit Technical Support Requests and interaction with our technical support engineers via the ANSYS Customer Portal Support Request process. The ANSYS Customer Portal is available to academic customer sites that have a current ANSYS Academic Teaching, Research or Associate product license. IT Administrators and Faculty (Academic Staff - Professors, Lecturers, Instructors, and Research Assistants) are invited to register on the ANSYS Customer Portal. The ANSYS Customer Portal is NOT available to Students.

The following table summarizes the support available for each academic user type:

Academic User Online Academic Resources Student Product Download ANSYS Customer Portal Technical Support Requests (SRs) Academic Teaching, Research and Associate Product Download
IT Administrators and Faculty1 YES YES YES YES2 YES


1 Academic Staff — Professors, Lecturers, Instructors, and Research Assistants

2 If you purchased your ANSYS Academic products from an ANSYS Channel Partner, then you will not be able to submit Online Technical Support Requests. Instead please contact your ANSYS Channel Partner directly for technical support.

IT Administrators and Faculty (Academic Staff - Professors, Lecturers, Instructors, and Research Assistants) registered on the ANSYS Customer Portal with a current license can submit Technical Support Requests. However if you purchased your ANSYS Academic Products from an ANSYS Channel Partner, then you will not be able to submit Online Technical Support Requests. Instead, please contact your ANSYS Channel Partner directly for technical support.

The scope of a Technical Support Request is restricted to the following:

  • Assistance can only be provided for academic product release versions that fall within our Prior Release Support Policy, which is the current release plus two prior releases.
  • Assistance with downloading, installing ANSYS Academic software. Investigation of problems caused by user errors, software defects and limitations; advice on solving or working around them.
  • General advice on model limitations, expected accuracy.
  • General help in interpreting information within the documentation and online resources.
The scope of a Technical Support Request does NOT include the following:
  • Technical support for the ANSYS Academic Student product.
  • Understanding your workflows and system-level requirements and learning how ANSYS simulation technology can be most effectively utilized.
  • Advice on how best to apply the ANSYS Academic products to your specific application.
  • Delivery of completed geometry and meshes for your models.
  • Delivery of converged solutions for your models.
  • Writing and/or debugging scripts, user coding or functions to extend or customize the standard products, including the usage of the ANSYS Customization Suite.
  • Advice on interpretation of results.
  • Advice on project planning, such as time scales, hardware requirements, etc.
  • Troubleshooting issues related to convergence and accuracy of solutions obtained through custom coding or functions.
  • Setting up or troubleshooting issues associated with your computer hardware configuration and third party (non-ANSYS, Inc.) software.
  • Face-to-face training (or any form of training where you are interacting live with an instructor, such as remote classroom). Note that we provide video tutorials, written documents, users guide, manuals and other material in the ANSYS Customer Portal. For the ANSYS Academic RedHawk and ANSYS Academic PowerArtist products training slides and tutorial/lab materials are available from your ANSYS Sales Account Manager. If you still require face-to-face training with an ANSYS, Inc. qualified instructor, then such training is available at an additional charge, please contact your ANSYS Sales Account Manager to discuss your requirements.

Note that Technical Support Requests do not currently cover the ANSYS Academic RedHawk Academic PowerArtist products. Technical Support for these products is only available via the Apache Design, Inc. academic support email alias: Support Requests submitted to this email alias will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, but are limited to the following products and product capabilities:

ANSYS Academic RedHawk:

  • Setting up and running the software
  • Voltage Drop analysis
  • Static Analysis flow - Setup for static IR analysis static voltage drop debug
  • Dynamic Analysis flow - Setup for dynamic voltage drop analysis dynamic voltage drop debug
  • Using Tcl commands

ANSYS Academic PowerArtist:

  • Setting up and running the software
  • Performing an RTL power analysis - Identifying hot spots
  • Finding bugs in the TRL - Examining power wastage exploring power saving opportunities

ANSYS reserves the right to decline technical support to academic customers seeking frequent technical support (i.e., overuse of our technical support). Please allow us a reasonable amount of time to respond to your support requests and ensure that your support request falls within the scope detailed above.

If, after having checked the online Knowledge Resources in the Customer Portal for the answer to your question, you need to submit a technical Support Request, then the submission process is as follows:

  • Log into the ANSYS Customer Portal - Note that you will require your ANSYS Account Name and Account Number to register.
  • Once logged in, use the "Training and Support" menu from the top menu bar.
  • Select the option to "Submit/Check Service requests."
  • Login to the Support Portal using the same credentials used to login to the ANSYS Customer Portal
  • Once you submit your request, you will receive responses to your inquiry online via the portal or through e-mail.
  • You can monitor real-time information on the status of your technical support requests on the ANSYS Customer Portal.

Students should use the Online Academic Resources for self-guided technical support. These materials should address the majority of your technical support requirements. If the materials available on Online Academic Resources cannot assist you, you should seek input from your Professor, Academic Staff member or IT admin who can help you or submit an Online Support Request on your behalf.