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Ansys Employee Spotlights

Christelle Grivot

I am a woman in tech.

My Career Journey

I joined Ansys more than 20 years ago via an acquisition. Back in 2002, I joined CADOE, a small company of 13 employees in applied mathematics in Lyon, France, that was acquired by Ansys a few months later. I worked on the research side on parametrization, optimization, and reduced order models (ROMs) technologies.

A few years later, I was involved in research on medical applications, a very interesting topic. The goal was to develop proof of concepts to show how the use of simulation could help doctors. This was strongly linked with the research on ROMs because the simulation (usually done by an engineer) needs to be combined with ROM techniques to be exposed in an interface usable by a doctor, surgeon, or radiologist.

I have been part of the Twin Builder/ROMs team for five years. I'm still focused on the same type of technology but as part of a product development team. After several years in the research field, I appreciate participating in the exposure of these types of technologies, which currently have many applications in the industry.

How I’d Explain My Job to a Kindergartener

Ansys makes software that helps design all the technical objects around us. For example, our simulation shows our customers how to design a bridge that withstands passing trucks, optimize the shape of an aircraft wing, or predict the waves emitted by cell phones.

Today, I make digital twins—digital copies of physical objects. It’s like a video game where you use models to see what could happen in real life without actually doing it for real (e.g., it lets you see what’s going on inside a pump that you can’t access because it is deeply immersed).

What I Actually Do

I am part of the Twin Builder/ROMs team. We build ROMs from simulation results data. They are compact, high-fidelity numerical representations that preserve essential behavior and dominant effects of a full 3D simulation. The goal is to replace a full 3D simulation with a fast, compact, and reliable component. This opened the door to many challenging applications for our customers: digital twins for predictive maintenance, enhanced control systems with enriched sensor data, efficient design space exploration, etc. It can also help with multiscale and multiphysics simulation. It’s very motivating to be a part of these challenging applications.

Why I Choose Ansys

There is a high level of innovation at Ansys, and the company is always evolving. I have always had a passion for developing and learning new things. During my journey at Ansys, I have always appreciated the diversity of our customers. For example, I’ve learned how to work with many different products, such as a medical stent for an artery, a chipset, a vacuum pump, etc.

Getting Recognized as a Woman in Tech

It’s a great honor to be a distinguished engineer at Ansys — especially as a woman in tech. I have always been interested in science, and I became an engineer even though I didn’t have any role models for women in technical professions during my childhood. Today, I’m happy that the proportion of women in the engineering population continues to grow, particularly at Ansys.

But as we celebrate Women’s History Month this month, I’d especially like to spare a thought for those women who are challenged to realize their professional aspirations because of family constraints and for those who are even entirely excluded from public life because of the political situation in their country (e.g., Iran, Afghanistan).

Our ONE Ansys Culture

In my team, we are fully aligned with the ONE Ansys culture: we work closely with other business units to develop ROM technology that can be useful to all types of simulation (mechanical, fluid, electromagnetism) and help multiphysic simulations. We contact Mechanical, Fluent, and LS Dyna colleagues to connect our ROM technology with their products. It forces each of us to understand the other’s needs. We need to determine where our technology can help and how it can answer a customer’s needs. Developing the ROM applications and the Digital Twin business helps sell more flagship licenses.

Fulfilling Our Mission

I am part of a team of eight employees developing ROMs to increase Ansys’ position in the digital twin market. This involves a variety of tasks, from theoretical mathematical research (in particular, we developed a unique and powerful dynamic ROM technology) to architecture innovation (web-based technologies, light and real-time components, light viewer, etc.).

Getting Involved

I am the treasurer of a local running club and one of the founding members of an after-school care association that has been active for 20 years. I need to be involved in associative activities, as they are a source of enrichment.

What You Might Not Know

I live in the countryside, and I like outdoor sports such as running in the forest or hiking in the mountains. I also enjoy calligraphy because it is an activity in which you must be meticulous in reproducing historical writings. Still, you must also be instinctive when practicing gestural writing or playing with the composition. That’s very similar to an engineer’s work: you need to digest science and technology knowledge, and this knowledge allows you to build something completely new.


Hiking in the Alps mountains in France.

Hiking in the Alps mountains in France.

Christelle and her children

Christelle and her children

Christelle Grivot Employee Spotlight

Christelle joined Ansys 20 years ago via an acquisition

Christelle Grivot Employee Spotlight

Hiking in the Alps Mountains in France.