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Performance Assessment of Electric Motors Using High Fidelity

Assessing the performance of electric machines in variable speed drives is an integral part of their development process. Performance mapping and drive cycle simulation allow engineers to predict the electric drive’s performance at different operating conditions and design their products accordingly. Using a combination of finite element analyses, interpolation methods, and post-processing calculations, Ansys Motor-CAD allows electric motor and electric drive designers to find the best solution for their application. Furthermore, coupling Motor-CAD’s performance mapping and driving/load cycle capabilities to Ansys Maxwell’s high-fidelity FEA modeling allows users to perform these analyses with increased physics fidelity and unleash the full potential of a simulation-driven product development process.

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What You Will Learn

  • Calculate performance maps of electric machines in variable speed- drives
  • Perform a driving or load cycle simulation to predict e.g. energy consumption
  • Use Ansys Motor-CAD to drive Ansys Maxwell for performance mapping
  • Assess the impact of control strategies on the electric machine’s performance

Who should attend?

Motor Design Engineers, Electromagnetic Engineers, Electric Machine
Designers, CAE Managers, Simulation Engineers, Applications
Engineers, Mechanical and Thermal Engineers, Electric Drive
Designers, and System Engineers


Daniel Bachinski