ANSYS Discovery

Simulation for Every Engineer

Harness the power of simulation with Discovery.

ANSYS Discovery is a 3D design software product family that allows engineers to build smarter products, reduce time to market and decrease product development costs. Easy-to-use tools provide instant feedback, allowing users to rapidly iterate on concepts in real-time and improve product design performance in minutes.

3D Modeling

3D Modeling

Design from a 3D whiteboard or edit an already existing model. Discovery contains powerful direct modeling tools that let you quickly create, modify and repair geometry.
Real Time Results

Real-time Results

Run simulations as you design in a process that allows you to iterate, explore and instantly understand how variables affect product design. Results update immediately.
Multiple Physics

Multiple Physics

Accurately capturing real-world situations is simple. Discovery supports the most common single physics and multiphysics simulations with high fidelity in a single user interface.


ANSYS solvers are the most accurate and trusted in the world. Solutions in Discovery have automated setup and mesh techniques, rapidly delivering robust, high-fidelity results.
Topology Optimization

Generative Design

Create organic shapes with topology optimization during upfront design and concept development. Discovery redefines current design methodologies and provides engineers with instant feedback to improve designs.
Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

Optimize design for additive manufacturing, as well as traditional manufacturing needs, such as development of manufacturing fixtures, optimization and repair of models, and reverse engineering.

"When I first saw Discovery Live I was very intrigued. I believe it could be a game changer, and greatly help in democratization of modeling and simulation. It has the potential for our specialists and designers to do “what if” studies much, much faster and easier."

Bob Tickel

Director, Structural & Dynamic Analysis, Cummins Inc.

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