The Trusted Partner in CFD

When an organization plans to invest the time, effort and funding to conduct CFD analyses, how does it ensure that purchasing and applying a CFD package is a safe, long-term investment? The benefits can be great, but so are the risks. Choosing the right CFD tool from the right company can help to ensure success.

Here are some issues to consider so that your choice is the right choice:

  • Will the CFD software be sufficiently versatile to tackle your organization's current fluids engineering problems? 
  • Will the CFD software grow with your increasingly demanding needs? 
  • Will the company you choose as a partner provide high-quality technical support relevant to your industry and applications? 
  • Does the CFD company take product quality as seriously as you do?

To find the right solution for your organization, you must choose the right partner. ANSYS combines two of the most respected names in fluid dynamics simulation FLUENT and CFX to expertly address evolving CFD needs at a time when product reliability, safety and market performance are paramount. ANSYS CFD tools are the choice of innovative product development organizations around the world; the reliability of the codes is well validated by academic and independent researchers, technology partners, and customers. ANSYS offer the industry's most comprehensive suite of CFD modelling capabilities to address a wide variety of applications.

Example CFD applications

However, technology is only as good as its ability to resolve a specific application problem. When you choose fluid dynamics software from ANSYS, you’ll have the confidence that you are backed by the global leader in computational fluid dynamics software. ANSYS engineering simulation experts have extensive industry experience — they are part of the world's largest pool of simulation experts serving the the widest range of industries — and they can provide the support needed to ensure success in a specific CFD challenge.

ANSYS also provides a broad range of value-added services including complete engineering analysis, customized training, extended software versioning to meet unique modelling requirements, and automated tools that streamline setup, solution and visualization of often-repeated analyses. For advanced problem solving, ANSYS helps its customers develop a specific CFD modelling approach, solves the complete problem, documents CFD best practices, and provides technology transfer.

Simulation results of a shell-and-tube reformer for catalytic partial oxidation of propane. ANSYS FLUENT model of three-dimensional fluid flow and heat transfer is coupled with a CHEMKIN-based plug-flow model. Shown are temperatures on the outside of containment shell (left) and catalyst tubes (right).

Courtesy Colorado School of Mines.

ANSYS partners with leading technology providers to develop and deliver world-class simulation solutions and services. These collaborations provide customers with best-in-class solutions to optimize product performance and improve product development processes. 

Flow through perforated upper support columns of nuclear pressure vessel. Courtesy M. Bottcher (FZK-IRS).

Many applications require the use of software products that have traceable and well-established quality assurance processes. Because of roots in the nuclear industry, ANSYS has a deep and longstanding commitment to quality. The organization was the first engineering simulation software to become ISO 9001 certified. For over 40 years, the company has supported and invested in processes encompassing all aspects of software development including developing requirements, writing software, testing, documentation and more. The most recent evidence of this is that ANSYS fluid dynamics (and structural mechanics) software meets the requirements of the international Quality System Standard ISO 9001:2009 and the applicable requirements of the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) as adopted by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA) NQA-1 standards. Because of the commitment to quality and related quality assurance services, customers use the ANSYS fluid dynamics suite with full confidence.

ISO 9001 certificate

ANSYS is the trusted, collaborative partner that delivers confidence through proven, widely applied CFD technology, deep industry experience and expert support.



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