Solving Complex Combustion Challenges – From Air-Fuel Mixing to Pollutant Emissions

Many industrial applications incorporate combustion processes: from gas turbine and coal combustion for power generation to reformers that generate fuel for fuel cells; from household heating furnaces to incineration plants that burn waste. The challenges for engineers designing combustion systems are multiple and varied:

  • Stable combustion must be ensured.
  • Temperature distribution must be controlled to eliminate degradation while ensuring high efficiency.
  • Pollutant emissions must meet regulations, which become more stringent every year.

Watch this step-by-step demo that uses ANSYS Fluent to predict combustion and flame dynamics on experimental DLR combustor (from Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, the German Aerospace Center).

ANSYS offers a complete range of fluid dynamics simulation tools for applications that require efficient combustion.

  • Accurate turbulence models to accurately predict fuel–air mixing
  • Capabilities for liquid and gas fuels as well as combustible particles like coal
  • Combustion models that simulate everything from flame location and temperature distribution to pollutant emissions
  • Advanced heat transfer models to predict influence of radiation, combustion systems wall temperature, etc.
  • Fluid–structure interaction capabilities to predict effects of hot combustion gases on behavior and life of combustion system casing

Flame Flashback Phenomena in DoE-NETL SimVal Combustion Chamber

Simulation of flame flashback phenomena in DoE-NETL SimVal combustion chamber as hydrogen replaces methane as the main fuel. This simulation reproduces experimental observations. (Source: Experimental and Numerical Study of Flashback in the SimVal Combustion Chamber, Gilles Eggenspieler, ANSYS, Inc.; Peter Strakey, NETL; Todd Sidwell, NETL.)

Instantaneous isosurface of CO mass fraction in DLR combustion chamber

Instantaneous isosurface of CO mass fraction in DLR combustion chamber. Image shows large-eddy simulation in which grey represents the geometry of fuel injection and the air swirler device.

Combustion in industrial furnace for power generation

Combustion in industrial furnace for power generation

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