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Achieve Compact and Integrated Power Supply Designs for Consumer Electronics

We enable engineering innovations in the design of power supply components by simulating and analyzing the EM behavior of electronic transformers, magnetic inductors, capacitors, and integrated magnetic designs on PCBs. With Ansys Maxwell, engineers can evaluate and optimize the performance, efficiency, thermal management, and mechanical integrity (NVH) of these components on PCBs. Maxwell also aids in analyzing and mitigating EMI issues, reducing EM conductive emissions, and improving EM compatibility.

April 16, 2024
10 AM CET / 1h30 PM IST


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What You Will Learn

  • Use Ansys workflow for power supply analysis
  • Analyze compact planar magnetic transformers to mitigate thermal concerns
  • Reduce conducted emissions from an electronic power supply for system integration

Who should attend?

PCB Designers, Consumer Electronics Engineers, Systems Engineers,
Power Solutions Engineers, SI/PI Engineers, Product Design
Engineers, and Power Module Engineers


Olga Ilina