Ansys Motor-CAD Free Trial

Integrated multiphysics analysis software for electric motor design

Ansys Motor-CAD is a dedicated design and analysis tool for electric motors. It enables rapid and accurate multiphysics design and analysis of electric machines across the full operating spectrum.

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Today’s electric motor design requires multiphysics analysis across a wide torque and speed operating range to accommodate rapid development cycles and system integration. Motor-CAD facilitates this cutting-edge design approach by providing:

  • Intuitive, template-based setups for fast initial electric machine designs
  • Built-in electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical solvers for multiphysics insights
  • Rapid analysis of efficiency maps, torque/speed characteristics and drive cycles

Motor-CAD allows engineers to quickly evaluate motor topologies and concepts to produce designs that are optimized for size, performance and efficiency.

Watch the electric motor webinar series to learn more.

Introducing Ansys Motor-CAD