ANSYS with Apache: A Chip–Package–System (CPS) Solution

This webinar hosted by IEEE Spectrum Online is part of their Tech Insider series. Because of the ANSYS acquisition of Apache the combining Apache’s products for power–efficient electronics with the advanced physics solvers from ANSYS opens the door to comprehensive simulation that includes the chip, package, and system (CPS). The CPS solution provides fully coupled chip-aware and system-aware simulation for modern electronic design. In this IEEE webinar, leaders from ANSYS and Apache discuss CPS and how designers of low-power mobile products, data center equipment, consumer and computing electronics, and aerospace and automotive electronics can now accurately predict electronic system performance long before lab system integration. You will see how best-in-class IC dynamic power extraction tools from Apache coupled to the best-in-class physical extraction simulators from ANSYS provide full electromagnetic extraction, SI/PI/EMI analysis, and thermal and mechanical stress simulation combine to speed your design process and minimize design iterations. The webinar will conclude with a roadmap for the future of ANSYS with Apache.



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