Non-linear Analysis of Base Plates in Automated Storage Systems

The present paper aims to describe the development of a numerical model to accurately simulate the connection between columns and foundation in metallic structures, which constitute any frame in automated storage systems. A nonlinear structural behavior of the model occurs, due to the changing status of the contact surfaces and node-to-node contacts, the geometric nonlinearities of the model (post-buckling and sliding response) and the material nonlinearities, such as plasticity and surface friction. The finite element approach has been carried out in two phases: First, a pre-buckling analysis has been accomplished and then, in a second phase of the study, the above-mentioned nonlinear analysis has been performed, updating the geometry of the finite element model to the deformed configuration for the first mode buckling. A total of four load cases were analyzed, with different compressive load and imposed lateral displacement. In order to validate the results some experimental models were tested to compare with the numerical model, so that better correlations and conclusions were obtained.

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