ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler

ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler is the easiest and fastest solution to prepare geometry for simulation. SpaceClaim’s direct modeling solution speeds up time to analysis by removing the geometry bottleneck, and it shortens the time needed for analysis by allowing engineers to simplify models during pre-processing. SpaceClaim also provides a CAD neutral environment, freeing engineers to focus on the physics and modeling.

By putting simulation engineers in control of geometry, CAE can drive product development by optimizing models before CAD and validating results post-CAD.

arrow ANSYS SCDM speeds up time to analysis and helps CAE drive product development
ANSYS SpaceClaim Overview

With ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler, users can:

  • Open data from any CAD system
  • Edit designs and prepare them for simulation no matter where the model was created
  • Simplify geometry by removing features, like rounds and holes, that lead to low quality mesh generations
  • Clean up and repair dirty geometry to create watertight solids
  • Create parameters on imported geometry to enable optimization of designs through analysis
  • Extract mid-surfaces/shells and beams from solid models to enable efficient meshing and solving
  • Extract volumes and create inner fluid domains and outer air enclosures for CFD analysis
  • Supply 3-D markups and compare models to document changes to design teams
  • Be up and running in a matter of days instead of months like big CAD

With SpaceClaim Direct Modeler’s STL Prep for 3-D Printing Module, users can also repair, and edit files for further FEA topological optimization and CFD analysis.

ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler

ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler 是准备几何建模仿真的最简单快速解决方案。通过消除几何结构瓶颈,SpaceClaim直接建模解决方案可加速进行分析,允许工程师在前处理期间简化模型,从而缩短分析所需的时间。此外,SpaceClaim还提供CAD中性环境,让工程师能够专注于物理过程和建模。


arrow ANSYS SCDM可加速进行分析,帮助CAE推动产品研发
ANSYS SpaceClaim Overview

采用ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler,用户可以获得以下功能:

  • 从任何CAD工具打开数据
  • 无论模型是在何处创建,均可编辑和准备设计以进行仿真
  • 通过去除某些可能导致生成低质量网格的特性,如圆形和孔,来简化几何结构
  • 清理并修复有缺陷的几何结构,以创建完全封闭的几何模型
  • 在导入的几何结构上创建参数,以便在分析过程中优化设计
  • 从实体模型中抽取中间面/外壳及横梁参数,以便进行高效的网格划分和求解
  • 抽取体积并创建内部流体域和外部空气域,以便进行CFD分析
  • 为设计团队提供3-D标记并对模型进行比较以记录变更情况
  • 对于大型CAD模型而言,在几天(而不是几个月)之内启动并运行

通过采用面向3-D打印模块的SpaceClaim Direct Modeler STL Prep,用户还能修复并编辑文件,以便进行进一步的FEA拓扑优化和CFD分析。