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ANSYS solutions drive time and costs out of the product development cycle; they also help to develop new energy technologies and access new resources.


The increasing worldwide need for reliable energy at a reasonable cost, combined with growing environmental concerns, has brought energy science and engineering into the global spotlight. Energy engineers are challenged to improve existing power generation technologies, improve energy intensity, reduce energy use, and, at the same time, develop innovative new solutions that balance demand, cost and environmental priorities. By applying engineering simulation early in product and project development, professionals can evaluate new concepts more cost effectively, faster and with greater frequency than with traditional prototyping and testing methods.

Energy-based projects benefit from the high-fidelity, full functionality and multidisciplinary capabilities of engineering simulation software from ANSYS. From concept to production, throughout small companies as well as large energy investment projects, ANSYS provides comprehensive, best-in-class multiphysics solutions that meet engineering analysis and design needs.

ANSYS has an established leadership position in energy and related industries. Its solutions are being employed in energy production and power generation projects — including renewable, nuclear, fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas), fuel cells, hydropower and solar energy systems — as well as energy reduction and efficiency projects. ANSYS tools are valuable in a broad range of applications, including product and process design, pollution reduction and control, carbon reduction and separation, improved fuel efficiency, reduced packaging weight, new fuel development, and increased regulatory compliance.