ANSYS Student Portal

The ANSYS Student Portal is designed specifically for use by academic students. It is a filtered version of the regular ANSYS Customer Portal, enriched with student specific content. ANSYS Student Portal users have access to tutorials, training materials, FAQs, knowledge resources, product documentation, best practice guides, academic/student specific content and technical support.

Students may register on the ANSYS Student Portal here, the following screenshot also shows the Student registration link on the general Customer Portal Log In & registration page. See below for additional student registration details.

Portal Login Capture

Professor Registration:

Although academic students are the intended users of the ANSYS Student Portal, each University or College using the ANSYS Student Portal must identify one or more "Professors" who can be associated with their student users.

"Professors" should register on the standard ANSYS Customer Portal here. Professors need to provide their account number, account name, & address information. Once validated, the Professor will be able to login to the ANSYS Customer Portal.

Once logged in, Professors should go to "Site Preferences" at the top right hand side of the portal home page, and then select “Account Information” from the menu on the left where they can identify themselves as a "Professor" on the account by selecting “Add Professor Account”. There is a “Professor Status” line item on the Account Information summary for reference:

Add Professor


Student Registration:

Students may register if they are attending a University or College that is an existing ANSYS customer with an ANSYS Academic product that is current on Lease or TECS. The University must also have at least one “Professor” associated with the account in our database (See Professor Registration section above). We have a student specific registration page screenshot shown below:

Student Registration

During registration, students are required to identify their professor (from a drop down selection) associated with their academic product license, plus students will need to obtain their account number & account name from their Professor. A student’s registration will be active for one year.