Multiphysics Platform

Engineers using our flagship products can easily leverage the full breadth and depth of ANSYS physics in their multiphysics simulations. Industry-leading software from ANSYS enables engineers and scientists to simulate the interaction among structural mechanics, heat transfer, fluid flow and electromagnetics. Using ANSYS solutions, engineers gain the flexibility they need to perform multiphysics simulations at the level of fidelity and physics coupling they need to solve their problems and design their products. Solutions range from extended physics in flagship products, to one-way data transfer and mapping methods that “glue” physics together, to full two-way coupling for really complex interactions.

Mulitphysics Platform

Product Families

  • Electronics Family

    Electronics simulation software can help you understand how to make smart sensors, antennas, motors and other devices work most effectively in your products through multiphysics analyses.

  • Fluids Family

    Fluid dynamics software can help you understand how fluid forces impact your structures and how they can cool or heat your devices when combined with multiphysics simulations.

  • Structures Family

    Structural simulation software can give you insight into how structures respond to fluid forces, electrical emissions or thermal changes when included as part of a multiphysics solution.


The connections between our product families are the result of a detailed understanding of what it takes to combine physics solvers for high fidelity multiphysics simulations. The options for sharing data among our multiphysics-enabled products enable engineers to deploy their simulation resources wisely.

The full range of coupling options makes the simulation of thermal–structure, thermal–electric, thermal–electric–structure, electromagnetic–structure, electromagnetic–thermal, electrostatic–structure, thermal–electric–fluid, fluid–thermal and fluid–structure interactions possible with ANSYS solutions. The underlying technology, associated capabilities and ability to extend to multiphysics at any time are what truly makes multiphysics with ANSYS the best solution for engineers.