Achieving Engineering Breakthroughs in the Early Stages of the Product Design Process

Companies have worked hard in recent years to shed costs and deploy new technology to become as efficient and productive as possible. There is more to be done however, especially in the engineering disciplines where timing and accurate results are critical. Fluid flow analysis is one area that is becoming increasingly important to the performance and manufacturing of a wide range of products. While computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has long been used to design high-end value added products that depend heavily on fluid flow, such as airplanes and automobiles, its use in many other markets is growing quickly. Nearly every manufactured good was once a liquid before it became a solid. Examples include the glass on your computer display, the particleboard and tiles in your building, the silicon chips in your computer, the paper and ink that you use to print this paper, etc. Better understanding of phase changes will improve a company’s opportunity for higher quality, lower cost, and potential innovation. In addition, the manufacturers of many other products have turned to CFD in order to gain a competitive advantage by improving the performance of their products. For example, manufacturers of products as diverse as lawn sprinklers, copying machines, swimming suits, water treatment disinfection systems, and glucose monitors have recently used CFD to gain unique product advantages.



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