Two Dimensional Elasto-Viscoplastic Analysis Using Finite Element Method

The time-dependent behavior of metals is modeled in a simple manner by using the constitutive equations of elasto-viscoplastic behavior together with the linear strain-hardening. The finite element method (FEM) is used for solving the presented mathematical model by using the ANSYS software. The presented mathematical model is studied by using a rectangular metallic perforated strip with loading varying in its type and value. The study includes the relaxation process and the response of the model at the yielding and failure regions in the stress and strains curves and the effects of some factors on these behaviors like tangent modulus and fluidity parameter. It's found that the value of the applied tensional stress that causing failure in elasto-plastic behavior is (T=123 N/mm2) while it is (T=130 N/mm2) in elasto-viscoplastic behavior at ramp load. In another hand the time required for reaching steady state in relaxation process is (t ≈ 7 min) at (T=80 N/mm2) and it is not affected by changing the value of tangent modulus but it changes during the changing of fluidity parameter value.

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