Time Effective Transient Analysis using ANSYS Mechanical and Matlab Simulink

The performance of the Elite® advanced resonant power toothbrush is measured in terms of oral biofilm removal and improvements in oral health over time. These are strongly related to the mechanical performance of the brush head and bristles located on it. To find an optimum resonant structure, which provides both the required performance and a specified clinical experience, the transient behavior of the toothbrush is modeled. To optimize the resonant structure, we are using an APDL built FEM model. Using this model we are able to perform Modal, Harmonic or Transient analysis within ANSYS Mechanical (Release 7.1). To save time and expense, the dynamics of the brush head are calculated by using a modal analysis in FEM, and exported as eigen vectors to Matlab. In Matlab this data is translated to a state-space formulation and used as a transfer function of a linear system in Matlab Simulink. This allows us to apply various excitations and look at time domain responses of our power toothbrush.

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