The Study of Preheating Temperature Field of Submerged Nozzle

The Submerged Nozzle (SEN), which is between the tundish and mould, is the most important functional refractory in continuous casting. The SEN must be preheated enough before casting. There are two kinds of preheating systems. One is the Combustion system; the other is Fan system. In this paper, the two transient heating processes are studied and the temperature distribution and increasing temperature curves are obtained. The result indicates that under the Combustion system, the large temperature gradient in axial direction and low temperature of the neck of the SEN after preheating are the main reason why the neck of SEN is broken frequently when adopting the Combustion system to preheat. While under the Fan System, the distribution of the temperature field is more reasonable and the temperature of the neck of the SEN rises more highly. So it is a suitable preheating system.

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