Slope Safety Factor Analysis using ANSYS

This paper presents an analysis method for slope safety factor through soil shear strength reduction algorithm using finite elements. When the system reaches instability, the numerical non-convergence occurs simultaneously. The safety factor is obtained by strength reduction algorithm. The numerical convergence or non-convergence is related to the yield criterion. This paper presents an analysis and comparison of several yield criterions in common use and deduced the substitutive relationship between them. For convenience the Mohr-Coulomb criterion is replaced by Mohr-Coulomb equivalent area circle criterion, which was proposed by professor Xu Gancheng and Zheng Yingren in 1990. Through a series of case studies, the safety factor of FEM is fairly close to the result of traditional limit equilibrium method. The applicability of the proposed method was clearly exhibited. It suited to the complicated geological condition and supported slope. No assumption needs to be made in advance about the shape or location of the failure surface. It is a promising method.

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