Numerical Simulation of Oil Flow in a Power Steering Pump

This work presents the implementation of a computational model to simulate oil flow in a power steering pump. The simulations have the objective of visualize the flow pattern and to identify some possible flow induced noise sources by analyzing the pressure fluctuations. Another important issue investigated is the oil cavitation due to the presence of very low pressure regions. The mathematical model is based on the mass, momentum and energy conservation equations. Moving mesh capability had to be used because of the variations of the domain geometry with the pump rotation. The oil was considered as compressible liquid, because of the large pressure range operation. CFX-10.0 Solver was used to perform the simulations. Hybrid HEXA/TETRA/PRISM mesh was generated using ICEM-CFD 10.0. The results investigate possible cavitation (low pressure) regions, noise sources, pressure transients and recirculation zones. A comparative study between two geometries is presented, as well as the influence of geometric details used to improve performance and reduce pressure fluctuations and noise levels.

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