Finite Element Analysis of the Xiluodu Arch DamFinite Element Based Solder Joint Fatigue Life Predictions for a Same Die Stacked Chip Scale Ball Grid Array Package

Viscoplastic finite-element simulation methodologies were utilized to predict solder joint reliability for a same die size, stacked, chip scale, ball grid array package under accelerated temperature cycling conditions (-40C to +125C, 15min ramps/15min dwells). The effects of multiple die attach material configurations were investigated along with the thickness of the mold cap and spacer die. The solder structures accommodate the bulk of the plastic strain that is generated during accelerated temperature cycling due to the thermal expansion mismatch between the various materials that encompass the stacked die package. Since plastic strain is a dominant parameter that influences low-cycle fatigue, it was used as a basis for evaluation of solder joint structural integrity. The paper discusses the analysis methodologies as implemented in the ANSYS finite element simulation software tool and the corresponding results for the solder joint fatigue life. Some ANSYS parametric design language commands are included for the benefit of those readers who are familiar with the tool.

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