BladePro: An ANSYS Based Turbine Blade Analysis System

This paper summarizes the architecture and capabilities of BladePro, an ANSYS based turbine blade analysis system with extensive automation for solid model and F.E. model generation, boundary condition application, file handling and job submission tasks for a variety of complex analyses; the program also includes turbomachinery specific post-processing and life assessment modules. BladePro is a cutting-edge example for vertical applications built on the core ANSYS engine using ANSYS APDL and Tcl/Tk. Examples of how the program makes effective use of the ANSYS preprocessor to mesh complex turbine blade geometries and apply boundary conditions are presented using specific examples. A real world application is used to demonstrate the pre-processing capabilities, static and dynamic stress analyses results, generation of Campbell and Interference diagrams and life assessment. The principal advantage of BladePro is its ability to generate accurate results in a short amount of time, thus reducing the design cycle time.

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