Geometry Integration and Modeling Solutions

Creating design models is a core part of the product development process and the first step in the simulation process. These models can be of geometry forms representing actual design details, or they can be approximations of the designs using simplified components like beams and plates. Besides being an essential component of engineering simulation, geometry also links engineering simulation with design and manufacturing and thereby plays a critical role in Simulation Driven Product Developmentā„¢. With direct interfaces to all major computer-aided design (CAD) systems, support of additional readers and translators, and an integrated geometry modeler exclusively focused on analysis, ANSYS offers the most comprehensive geometry handling solutions for engineering simulation in an integrated environment. The industry-leading ANSYS Workbench computer-aided engineering (CAE) integration environment is CAD-neutral and supports bidirectional, direct, associative interfaces with all major CAD systems.The environment includes a feature-based solid modeler, which can be used to create a parametric geometry from scratch or prepare an existing CAD geometry for analysis. These tools provide a parametric and persistent modeling environment that is ideal for performing design optimization.

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