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The Power of Computing

HPC leverages your hardware investment, offering virtually unlimited capacity for high-fidelity simulation and the rich level of detail it provides.

High-Performance Computing

High-performance computing (HPC) adds tremendous value to engineering simulation by enabling the creation of large, high-fidelity models that yield accurate and detailed insight into the performance of a proposed design. High-fidelity simulations allow engineering teams to innovate with a high degree of confidence that their products will meet customer expectations — because their extremely accurate simulations are predicting the actual performance of the product under real-world conditions.

HPC also adds value by enabling greater simulation throughput. Using HPC resources, engineering teams can analyze not just a single design idea, but many design variations. By simulating multiple design ideas concurrently, R&D teams can identify dramatic engineering improvements early in the design process, prior to and more effectively than physical prototyping alone.

ANSYS HPC specifically enables parallel processing for solution of the toughest, higher-fidelity models — including more geometric detail, larger systems and more complex physics. Using ANSYS HPC to understand detailed product behavior provides companies with confidence in the design and helps ensure that the product will succeed in the market.