ANSYS DesignModeler Video Series

ANSYS DesignModeler is a application from ANSYS that provides modeling functions unique for simulation that include detailed geometry creation, CAD geometry modification, simplification and concept model creation tools. Simulation often demands unique modeling capabilities that typical CAD operations do not require. Therefore these capabilities are either lacking in CAD systems or implemented in a fashion that is not optimum for performing simulation related functions. View the following videos to learn more about these unique capabilities.


Fluid Domain Extraction
Turn solid CAD into fluid domain for CFD and ANSYS EMAG calculation
Run time: 02:21

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  Multibody Parts
Use geometry decomposition to allow greater control over meshing
Run time: 01:03

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Reduce FEA and CFD model size by using symmetry. This video looks at how to edit your CAD.
Run time: 00:41

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  Surface Clean-up
Reduce the number of surfaces on your CAD for cleaner and faster meshing
Run time: 01:11

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Making CAD Parametric
Read in a neutral CAD file and then add parametric control of features
Run time: 02:26

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  CAD Construction
Build geometry from scratch using parametric tools
Run time: 02:51

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Feature Removal
Simplify geometry to improve meshing efficiency and improve solution speed
Run time: 00:54

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  Mid Surface Extraction
Turn 3D solid CAD in surface models for creation of shell models
Run time: 00:57

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Fix Broken Imports
Repair geometry and create clean CAD from any import source
Run time: 01:49

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  Beam Models
Beam models can allow you to create complex models that run very fast. Find out how here.
Run time: 01:58

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