Multiphysics Solutions

Simulation for the Real World

The world we live in – the environment in which a company’s products must perform – inherently includes multiple physical phenomena. Fluid forces, thermal effects, structural integrity and electromagnetic radiation can all impact performance of products and industrial processes. If you try to isolate the multiple forces in play, you may not get an accurate prediction of behavior.

arrow ANSYS Maxwell's transient solver can solve magnetic field vector including rigid.

Even so, engineers who use computer simulation to model product and process performance know that assumptions, including those dealing with isolated physics, are a key part of the process. These assumptions guide the trade-offs engineers must make: decisions to sacrifice fidelity in the interest of simpler simulations and faster turn-around. Often, these assumptions are good enough and yield good-enough information to produce good-enough designs for good-enough products.

Deformation of bus bar is calculated in ANSYS Mechanical by transferring thermal loads to structural solver.arrow

But products and processes that were good enough in the past are now obsolete. Fierce competition pressures developers to get products to market faster and cheaper than ever before; to create newer, smarter products; and to conserve energy and material resources. These forces have created the need for higher-fidelity information from simulation and designs. As a result, multiphysics simulation is now an imperative.