Rising operational costs and the need to generate revenue from existing assets are driving the digital transformation of MRO operations.

ANSYS helps customers accelerate this transformation through the deployment of platform-agnostic, physics-based digital twins.

These virtual copies of real-world assets deliver previously unavailable performance insights that facilitate predictive and prescriptive maintenance and maximize cost savings.

  • Reducing Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Costs

    The digital transformation of operations reduces maintenance costs and improves cycle times of critical processes.

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  • Digital Twins: Making the Vision Achievable

    A digital twin mirrors the real-world operation of an asset, detects performance issues and allows for scheduled predictive maintenance.

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  • Passing the Test

    Lufthansa Technik is improving engine overhaul. It uses simulation to quantify the relationship between the condition of specific components and the engine’s operation.

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