Analysis and Development of Safety-Critical Embedded Systems: The Need for an Integrated Toolkit - White Paper


Today’s automobiles and airplanes feature more electronic components than ever. Hundreds of connected systems enable safety-critical functions like braking, acceleration, steering, navigation and communication. Underlying all these functional systems are millions of lines of embedded software code that ensure their reliable operation under a broad range of conditions. With human lives at stake, two engineering teams work to ensure that these mission-critical systems perform flawlessly in the field. One team works to integrate the dozens of components that are brought together in a connected system, ensuring that signals and controls are seamlessly combined in a way that optimizes not only each component but the entire electronics architecture. A second engineering team performs an equally important task – ensuring the functional safety of these components, as well as the overall system. These safety engineers look at the risks, sources and consequences of system failure, in an effort to eliminate risks and maximize resilience to the greatest extent possible.


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