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Vertical Medical Applications: Bringing Simulation to Clinicians

For years clinicians have progressively discovered the benefits that engineering simulation can bring to medicine. Still, fidelity of simulation for a large variety of patients, computational time and ease of use of existing general purpose tools have remained strong entry barriers to simulations for doctors. Now, building on their long medical and engineering experience and taking advantage of new Ansys 17.0 capabilities to further improve their inventions, medical entrepreneurs are increasingly customizing Ansys solutions to their clinical needs.

Learn how two entrepreneurial clinical groups have adapted Ansys software for new medical treatments. Discover how BRACESIM, developed by Rodin 4d, assists orthotists in customizing braces to treat scoliosis, decreasing the number of physical iterations needed to get the right brace, while reducing brace weight and increasing patient satisfaction. And find out how WOST, created by Sim & Cure, provides crucial assistance to neurosurgeons treating cerebral aneurysms by performing patient-specific stent development in less than 15 seconds.



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