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Using Azure Cloud to Rapidly Simulate Layout Designs in HFSS

This webinar showcases how Ansys HFSS takes advantage of cloud computing power to drastically reduce simulation time to solve complex layout geometries.

  • Receive expert insights for upgrading to the latest version to significantly reduce your simulation time.
  • Discover how HFSS is enabled on Azure Cloud.
  • Explore real-world use case examples that show simulation speed scalability when using cloud resources.
  • Learn how HFSS simulations can take advantage of multiple nodes, RAM and CPU cores to speed up simulation.

Kevin Quillen received his BSEE from Colorado State University in Fort Collins Colorado. He has a background in highspeed fiber optics communications and data storage technologies. Before coming to Ansys Kevin was a Sr. Principal Systems Design Engineer at Western Digital working in power architecture. Kevin’s focus has been on highspeed PCB and Packaging technologies and Signal and Power Integrity analysis of these structure. Kevin joined Ansys in 2012 and is a Lead Application Engineer working on PCB and packaging SI and PI simulations.

Speaker: Kevin Quillen, Lead Application Engineer, Ansys



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