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Reducing the Risk of Concussion Through Personalized Helmet Design

Concussions and other head injuries are significant issues in modern sports involving head impact. The long-term viability of these sports is being called into question because of the severity of the brain injuries that affect players long after their careers have ended. A highly realistic 3D head model has been developed by Simpleware Ltd. from MRI data using novel segmentation and image-based meshing techniques. Ansys Mechanical simulations are being used with this head model to evaluate and optimize the performance of next-generation protective head gear.

Attend this webinar to investigate the potential of image-based 3D modeling from scan data (such as CT and MRI) for better understanding of damage to the brain and the performance of protective headgear. By analyzing the shockwaves generated in the model of the head and a football helmet using Ansys Mechanical, engineers are learning how to optimize helmet designs, including the materials used to manufacture them, so they can absorb more of the shock that would normally reach the brain and reduce sudden stress amplification from shock reflection.



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