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A New Sound Dimension for Your Product

With Ansys VRXPERIENCE SOUND, you will see what you hear, and hear what you design.

Ansys VRXPERIENCE SOUND is the premier, comprehensive software solution for sound analysis, measurement of sound quality and 3D Playback.

Enhance your brand image by improving the sound quality of your product by listening to and modifying the sound coming from a recording or from CAE.

  • Improve your product’s perceived value: VRXPERIENCE SOUND provides user-friendly solutions to identify the key elements in the perception of your sound.
  • Analyze & specify sound quality: VRXPERIENCE SOUND records and plays sound tracks, so you can perform temporal and spectral analysis.
  • Listen to Ansys Mechanical simulations: With VRXPERIENCE SOUND, you can listen to Ansys Mechanical simulations, modify sounds to evaluate effects of level changes on components, embed the modified sound into a simulation and run a study on sound quality.
  • Measure sound quality: You can create a listening test with VRXPERIENCE SOUND and analyze the answers. Make objective sound selections and gather end-user feedback, before or after your product’s market release.

Learn more about Ansys VRXPERIENCE SOUND and see how you can create a better sound experience through CAD design and CAE simulation, using an e-motor CAD design as a demonstration.


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