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Efficiently Develop Safety Critical HMI Applications Aligned to the FACE Technical Standard

Newer graphics APIs like OpenGL SC2 and Vulkan enable applications to take advantage of a GPU’s amazing programmable features. These modernized APIs expose new functions of the GPU, empowering applications to accelerate customized graphics code directly on the GPU. Also, these graphics APIs expose compositing extensions, which enable HMI applications to take a modular windowed-based approach for supporting multiple applications in a shared, safe and portable way. Additionally, many challenges face the development of the full HMI software at the application level.

This webinar, presented by Ansys and Core Avionics & Industrial, spotlights how to efficiently develop safety-critical HMI applications conformant to the FACE interoperability standard.

  • Learn what compositing is and how it can help engineering teams leverage modern technology onto existing safety-critical application software.
  • Understand model-based techniques, qualified code generation and test automation features to drive streamlined design, verification and validation.
  • Discover how to support safe embedded software development in accordance with DO-178C (up to DAL-A) along with FACE and ARINC 661.
  • Receive expert tips on reducing development time and cost by facilitating portable and reusable safety-critical applications.

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