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A Collaborative Approach to Product Development From Requirements Definition Down to Software Design, Implementation and Testing

Modern electronics systems bring many benefits to consumers, delivering new levels of functionality and safety in automotive, aerospace, healthcare and other applications. Yet managing the complexity of these systems also represents a significant challenge to the companies who design them. The drive for continued, rapid innovation must be balanced with the need to meet all regulatory requirements — and ensure the safe interaction of all components when systems are brought together. A strategic partnership between Ansys and Jama Software has created a powerful tool set for managing the complex activities of product development, quality and reliability assessment and functional safety analysis.

View this on-demand webinar, Ansys and Jama Software discuss why the appropriate processes and tools for these design activities are essential for meeting quality and safety standards.

In this on-demand webinar, learn how you can:

  • Seamlessly design a product from system requirements to implementation according to safety standards like DO178-C or ISO 26262.
  • Perform requirement-driven design and testing while considering technical and customer requirements.
  • Consistently manage all traceability requirements and ensure their availability for actual development and testing.
  • Feed low-level requirements and testing artifacts from Ansys SCADE back to the overall requirements management system in Jama.


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