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Ansys Lumerical 2021 R1 Highlights

With the 2021 R1 release, Ansys continues to push the innovation envelope for its Lumerical photonics products delivering powerful new capabilities for improved accuracy, performance, and usability. Please join us to hear about the many new features available with the 2021 R1 release.

These include:

  • Lumerical INTERCONNECT’s Traveling Waveguide Laser Model (TWLM) solver now includes self-heating modeling for improved accuracy for laser simulation
  • Custom component design flows now include support for foundry process files, allowing customers to simulate and manufacture custom designs with confidence
  • New automated workflows simplify data collection for compact model generation with Lumerical CML Compiler
  • Support for concurrent simulations of parametric variations. When using Ansys Enterprise licensing, HPC licenses can be used to conduct concurrent simulations of parametric variations rather than using multiple solver licenses
  • Enhanced PDK-driven workflows offer support for spatial correlation in statistical analysis in Lumerical INTERCONNECT and Lumerical CML Compiler improving time to market and reducing manufacturing risk
  • All Lumerical products are now compatible with Ansys License Manager, providing new and renewing customers with the convenience of a single licensing solution for all Ansys products
  • Several new features have been introduced as part of the ongoing voice of customer program, including but not limited to: support for creating quaternary alloys in CHARGE, memory check for far-field projections in Lumerical FDTD, and automatic update of CMLs in open Lumerical INTERCONNECT sessions.



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