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Ansys 17.0 for Geomechanics

With numerous enhancements in Ansys 17.0, Ansys Mechanical can better model the behavior of rocks, clays or consolidated soils under drilling, mining and fracking conditions. Advances in material models, as well as element and solver technologies, can benefit companies working on reservoir engineering, pipeline and well engineering, hydraulic fracking, civil engineering and mining technology.

Learn about new material models included in Ansys Mechanical, such as the Mohr-Coulomb, Cam-Clay, and Jointed Rock models. The Jointed Rock model enables representation of the highly inhomogeneous nature of rock with planes of weakness, such as shales, of interest to the mining industry and oil and gas companies. Discover how enhancements to the solver coupled with options to initialize pore pressure distribution in soil enables engineers to solve challenging subsidence-related problems commonly found in reservoir and hydraulic fracking applications.


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