Incompressible Fluid Flow & Solid Interaction

The incompressible flow solver is based on the most advanced finite element technology applied to fluid mechanics. It is fully coupled with the solid mechanics solver. This coupling permits robust fluid-solid interaction (FSI) analysis via either an explicit technique when the FSI is weak, or using an implicit coupling when the FSI coupling is strong.

LS-DYNA also has a bi-phasic flow capability that involves modeling using a conservative level-set interface tracking technique. Basic turbulence models are also supported. This solver uses a new volume mesher that takes nice surface meshes bounding the fluid domain as input. In addition, during the time advancement of the incompressible flow, the solution is adaptively re-meshed automatically. The mesher also creates anisotropic boundary layer meshes, which become a crucial part of the model when shear stresses are to be calculated near fluid walls.