Automotive Crash Simulation & Analysis

Ansys LS-DYNA is the primary crash simulation and analysis tool for over 80% of the world’s major automotive OEMs, and the code is used by an estimated 90% of tier 1 suppliers. With the industry’s new goal of one year from concept to reality, crash simulation is more crucial than ever.

Such analyses encompass a wide variety of complex physical phenomena, and LS-DYNA is equipped with a vast array of features and capabilities to replicate these events. Tremendous effort has been invested in developing a large collection of dummy and barrier models for use in crash simulations. These models have been correlated with physical test results and are free when you purchase LS-DYNA.

Another strength of LS-DYNA that is critical to the automotive industry is the scalability of the MPP version of the code. With the ability to utilize hundreds (or even thousands) of CPUs for a single crash simulation run, detailed crash analyses that once took days can now be easily turned around in a matter of hours.