Optical: New in ANSYS 19.2

To design and optimize your optical system quickly and easily, SPEOS combines lighting performance modeling with extensive dedicated libraries and optimizer capabilities. SPEOS allows you to study and consider the interactions of photons with mechanical geometries to quickly create a functional illumination system for your product. It has extensive métier-oriented features, such as optical part design, optical sensors test, head-up (HUD) design and analysis and infrared modeling. To validate your system and match your performance criteria, SPEOS combines powerful light analysis capabilities with illumination evaluation from UV to near infrared. To see your final product integrated into a whole system and environment, SPEOS provides a high-fidelity visualization of the final result, based on unique human vision capabilities. You can deploy these visualizations in VRXPERIENCE, another new solution released with ANSYS 19.2, to create a fully immersive review experience and make the most comprehensive design decisions.

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19.2 ANSYS Optical