Materials Simulation

Materials data is essential for simulation. Ansys GRANTA MI ensures that analysts get the right materials data, in the right format, error-free from their corporate materials database.

explore curves

Viewing curve data in a GRANTA MI web app

There are two options:

GRANTA MI Enterprise — full support for enterprise data management. Generate accurate materials models, with full traceability to the source test data and analyses. Access the full library of authoritative reference materials data from Ansys Granta. Deploy data for use in CAE, increasing confidence in results and reuse of data.

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GRANTA MI Pro — a fast-start solution for materials simulation and design. Build and manage a list of approved in-house materials data. Combine with a dataset of 700+ materials selected from the Ansys Granta library. Access from within Ansys Workbench or via a web app. More information here.

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