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NW Numerics provides turnkey solutions to many nonlinear material related problems by (1) Performing carefully designed experiments, data collection and calibration of coefficients of the relevant material model, and (2) Providing reliable advanced material models through our NWN Z-mat product, which a material-centric modeling and simulation system. Examples of turnkey solutions provided by NW Numerics includes (1) TMF (thermo-mechanical fatigue) problems, (2) Elastomers and Polymers, and (3) Plastics and composites.
The testing and data collection part of the solution is facilitated by a fully functioning lab with about 20 test frames capable of handling strain and load controlled, tensile, creep, LCF/HCF and TMF tests, from room to high temperatures. We are able to handle metals and polymers including specimen preparation.

NWN Z-mat, which extends Ansys capabilities, is a fully supported modern software system for modeling real life materials, and is being continuously developed on our internal FE platform. NWN Z-mat has been deployed as part of our turnkey solutions at enterprise customers worldwide.

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