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Shenzhen Softinfo Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Softinfo Technology Co., Ltd has provided customers with the most advanced high-end design tools, technical services, consulting and customized value-added services for research and development. The market has been widely recognized and highly praised by customers. With the continuous development and expansion of the company, Shenzhen Softinfo Technology Co., Ltd has in many important areas of the country, the successful provision of the following solutions:

  1. The solution of frequency electromagnetic field simulation analysis;
  2. Solution of low-frequency electromagnetic field simulation;
  3. Solution to EMI/EMC analysis of complex system platform;
  4. Analysis and solution of chip power consumption simulation design;
  5. SI/PI Simulation Analysis Solution
  6. Design custom Service solution for electromechanical simulation system

Product Application scope now covers aviation, aerospace, national defense, weapons, ships, machinery, electronics, automobiles, railways and many other high-speed development areas.

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