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Mary Kate Joyce
Public Relations Manager, ANSYS, Inc.

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1/6/2020 AEye and ANSYS Accelerate Autonomous Driving Safety
1/7/2020 ANSYS and BlackBerry Collaborate to Support Next-Generation Automobiles
1/7/2020 FLIR Systems and ANSYS Collaborate to Enhance Autonomous Vehicles Safety
1/9/2018 ANSYS Announces Winners of 2018 Hall of Fame Competition
1/9/2019 ANSYS Announces Winners of 2019 Hall of Fame Competition
1/21/2019 ANSYS與電磁串音解決方案領導業者Helic簽署最終併購協定
1/21/2020 ANSYS Student Software Surpasses One Million Downloads
1/22/2019 ANSYS and Material Intelligence Leader Granta Design Sign Definitive Acquisition Agreement
1/23/2020 ANSYS Announces Winners of 2020 Hall of Fame Competition
1/25/2017 ANSYS宣佈2017年名人堂競賽優勝者
1/27/2016 ANSYS17.0重磅發佈
1/27/2020 ANSYS to Release Fourth Quarter and FY 2019 Earnings on February 26, 2020
1/28/2020 ANSYS 2020 R1 Digitally Threads Simulation Across Product Lifecycle Processes
1/29/2019 ANSYS 2019 R1為解決新世代產品挑戰的工程師提供速度和使用便利性
1/30/2018 ANSYS 19降低複雜度並刺激生產力
1/31/2017 ANSYS 18助力實現無所不在的工程模擬技術
2/5/2019 全新推出ANSYS CLOUD 加速工程生產力和企業靈活度
2/6/2019 ANSYS在企業永續發展方面的領導地位榮獲肯定
2/12/2019 ANSYS Twin Builder幫助各機構最佳化產品操作並加速產品開發
2/13/2018 ANSYS DISCOVERY LIVE將即時數位探索帶給每一位工程師
2/15/2018 Richard Childress Racing Leverages ANSYS to Improve Racecar Speeds
2/19/2020 Ansys Appoints Robert Calderoni and Ravi Vijayaraghavan to the Board of Directors
2/20/2018 GE Spurs Product Innovation Through Multi-Year Agreement with ANSYS
2/20/2019 ANSYS Expands Materials Teaching Support with New CES EduPack 2019 from Granta
2/21/2018 ANSYS Announces Q4 2017 Financial Results: A Strong Finish Reflecting Record Bookings, Revenue, EPS and Operating Cash Flow
2/21/2018 ANSYS Replenishes Authorized Share Repurchase Program to Five Million Shares
11/17/2016 ANSYS攜手華為構建工業CAE解決方案
11/17/2016 ANSYS攜手華為構建工業CAE解決方案
2/22/2017 ANSYS與格蘭富攜手研發數字雙胞胎
2/25/2020 Ansys Accelerates 5G, High-Performance Computing And Artificial Intelligence Design
2/26/2020 Ansys Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2019 Financial Results With Record Revenue, EPS, ACV and Operating Cash Flow
2/27/2017 美卓擴大採用ANSYS模擬軟體,以推進產品研發工作
2/27/2019 ANSYS Announces Q4 Results: Record Finish Reflects Double-Digit Growth in Revenue, ACV, EPS and Operating Cash Flow
3/1/2016 ANSYS軟體助力紅牛車隊改善模擬性能
3/4/2020 Ansys Named A 2020 Women On Boards Winning Company
3/5/2020 Ansys and Photonic Simulation Leader Lumerical Sign Definitive Acquisition Agreement
3/10/2020 EDF Pioneers Low-Carbon Power Generation Technologies with Ansys Multiphysics Solutions
3/12/2020 U.S. Army, L3Harris and Ansys Collaborate to Improve Aviation Performance and Affordability
3/15/2017 ANSYS完成TSMC 7nm認證,進一步擴展了InFO封裝技術的功能,支援以更小更薄的尺寸打造可靠的電子產品
3/15/2016 ANSYS和TSMC助力晶片製造商打造尖端電子產品
3/16/2020 Physical Optics Corporation and Ansys Streamline Avionics Development for U.S. Military Aircraft
3/22/2018 ANSYS to Acquire Optical Simulation Leader OPTIS
3/31/2016 ANSYS Introduces Industry's Most Comprehensive Pay Per Use Licensing Model for Engineering Simulation Software
3/31/2020 Ansys Wins Prestigious Industrial Internet of Things Award
4/3/2017 ANSYS任命MATTHEW ZACK領導公司的業務發展工作
4/6/2016 ANSYS發佈最新版SAVANT和EMIT
4/9/2019 ANSYS Announces Indian Institute of Technology Bombay PHD Fellowship Program
4/11/2017 ANSYS技術助您大獲成功:ANSYS實現航空業里程碑
4/12/2016 ANSYS解決方案通過三星代工最新一代晶片技術的認證
4/14/2016 ANSYS to Release First Quarter 2016 Earnings on May 5, 2016
4/15/2019 ANSYS to Release First Quarter 2019 Earnings Results after Market Close on May 1, 2019
4/17/2018 ANSYS to Release First Quarter 2018 Earnings Results After Market Close on May 2, 2018
4/17/2019 ANSYS Fast Tracks Ferrari GT Race Car Designs Through New Partnership Agreement
4/19/2018 ANSYS Additive Manufacturing Solutions Transform Aerospace and Defense, Biotech and Automotive Industries
4/22/2019 ANSYS完成最新台積電5奈米FinFET製程技術認證
4/23/2019 LG Electronics Advances Product Innovation Through Multi-year Agreement with ANSYS
4/24/2019 ANSYS獲台積電創新系統整合晶片(TSMC-SoIC™) 先進3D晶片堆疊技術認證
4/26/2016 ANSYS模擬解決方案助力ARM實現面向物聯網和雲伺服器的節能型IP
5/2/2018 Embraer和ANSYS加速新世代飛機上市時程
4/29/2020 Software Motor Company and Ansys Speed Development of Advanced Motors Using Automated Workflow to Help Reduce Climate Change
5/11/2018 ANSYS針對台積電先進封裝技術拓展解決方案滿足日益成長的效能、可靠度與耗電需求
5/11/2018 ANSYS解決方案獲台積電先進5奈米製程認證
4/30/2020 Samsung Foundry Certifies Ansys RaptorH for Countering Electromagnetic Effects in 2.5D/3D Integrated Circuits and Systems
5/1/2019 ANSYS收購電子自動化設計分析領導者DfR Solutions公司
5/1/2019 ANSYS Announces Strong Q1 2019 Results and Raises FY 2019 Outlook for Revenue and EPS
5/2/2017 普惠借力ANSYS工程模擬技術實現標準化
5/2/2018 ANSYS Acquires OPTIS, Becomes Industry's Leading Solution Provider for Autonomous Vehicle Simulations
5/2/2018 ANSYS Announces Q1 2018 Financial Results: a Strong Start Reflecting Record First Quarter Revenue, EPS and Operating Cash Flows
5/4/2016 ANSYS技術助力通用電氣縮短開發時間,實現創新產品性能
5/3/2017 ANSYS Announces Q1 2017 Financial Results: A Record First Quarter Reflecting Double-Digit Growth in Bookings, Revenue, EPS and Operating Cash Flow
5/5/2016 ANSYS Reports First Quarter 2016 Financial Results
5/6/2020 Ansys RedHawk-SC Multiphysics Signoff Solution Achieves Certification On All TSMC Advanced Process Technologies
5/10/2016 ANSYS 17.1在設計流程早期階段實現精心優化的系統性能
5/10/2016 Indra Optimizes Product Design with ANSYS
5/13/2016 ANSYS半導體解決方案助力眾多行業領導者在晶片設計領域獲得成功
5/13/2019 ANSYS Solutions Certified for Samsung 5LPE Process Technology
5/14/2019 RFS and ANSYS Lay Foundation for 5G-ready Antennas
6/20/2018 ANSYS 19.1針對以模擬為基礎的數位雙生推出首個完整解決方案
5/16/2017 ANSYS 18.1擴展無處不在的工程模擬技術
5/17/2017 PTC和ANSYS聯合研發平臺解決方案,大力支持工業物聯網的數字仿真
5/18/2016 ANSYS Student 免費版增加了AIM--傾力打造STEM學生的最佳工程師之路
5/20/2016 ANSYS發佈SeaHawk--率先將大資料和機器學習系統引入工程模擬領域
5/19/2020 Ansys, Microsoft, Dell and Lendlease Unite to Expedite Digital Twin Adoption
5/20/2019 ANSYS Chief Executive to Present at Baird 2019 Conference
5/22/2018 ANSYS Awarded 2018 Achievement in Customer Excellence
5/23/2019 Analytical Graphics and ANSYS Launch Joint Technology Partnership
5/24/2017 ANSYS自發熱、電源完整性和電遷移解決方案獲得三星最新FINFET技術支持
5/28/2019 ANSYS Power Integrity and Reliability Signoff Solutions Adopted by Mellanox Technologies to Innovate High-Performance Networking Designs
5/30/2019 eSilicon Revolutionizes Next-Generation System-In-Package Designs With ANSYS Multiphysics Solutions
5/31/2016 ANSYS, Inc. to Webcast 2016 Investor Day
6/3/2016 ANSYS和卡內基梅隆大學攜手推動下一次工業革命,顛覆實體產品製造領域
6/3/2019 Volkswagen Smashes Time Record at Legendary Nürburgring with ANSYS Simulation Solutions
6/4/2018 ANSYS and SAP Partner to Unveil Insights from Rich Data Across Engineering and Operations Value Chains
6/4/2019 ANSYS 2019 R2強化設計、工程和製造間的數位設計流程
6/6/2017 ANSYS推出的最新解決方案助力實現高效可靠的汽車、移動和HPC電子設計
5/18/2016 ANSYS Student 免費版增加了AIM--傾力打造STEM學生的最佳工程師之路
6/10/2019 ANSYS and BMW Group Partner to Jointly Create the Industry's First Simulation Tool Chain for Autonomous Driving
6/16/2016 ANSYS與匹茲堡大學連袂研發全新計算工具,推動增材製造向更廣闊領域發展
6/15/2017 ANSYS Joins S&P 500
6/17/2019 ANSYS Reveals 70% of Consumers Expect to Travel in an Autonomous Aircraft in Their Lifetime
6/18/2018 ANSYS and PTC to Offer Groundbreaking Integrated Solution for Design at the Speed of Thought
6/18/2019 Airbus and ANSYS Partner to Enable Autonomous Flight to Support Future Combat Air System by 2030
6/19/2017 ANSYS和SYNOPSYS將展開合作,加速優化新一代高性能計算、移動和汽車產品的魯棒性設計
6/9/2018 Volkswagen Unveils Fully-Electric Super Sports Car Powered by ANSYS Technology
6/20/2016 HPE Unveils New HPC Solutions
6/20/2017 ANSYS任命JANET LEE為首席法律顧問
6/21/2017 ANSYS和KRONO-SAFE推出面向關鍵航空航太應用的集成型軟體平臺
6/22/2018 ANSYS獲三星晶圓代工部門自加熱、電源完整性和電子遷移解決方案認證
6/24/2016 ANSYS榮獲CONFIRMIT ACE評委推薦獎
6/25/2018 ANSYS解決方案獲聯電先進14奈米製程技術認證
6/25/2019 AVSimulation and ANSYS Speed Development of Safe Autonomous Driving for Automakers
6/27/2017 ANSYS解決方案助力紐西蘭酋長隊勇奪美洲杯帆船賽桂冠
6/27/2018 Volkswagen Breaks Time Record at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Using ANSYS Technology
7/13/2016 ANSYS to Release Second Quarter 2016 Earnings on August 4, 2016
7/15/2019 ANSYS Welcomes Lynn Ledwith as Vice President of Marketing
6/21/2017 ANSYS和KRONO-SAFE推出面向關鍵航空航太應用的集成型軟體平臺
7/18/2017 ANSYS、沙特阿美和阿卜杜拉國王科技大學聯手突破超級計算紀錄
7/20/2016 ANSYS模擬工具成功通過英特爾定制代工廠新一代10nm三柵極工藝技術的認證
7/25/2017 ANSYS助力全球初創公司加速產品研發
8/2/2017 ANSYS Announces Q2 2017 Financial Results: An Excellent Quarter Reflecting Record Q2 Revenue, EPS and Operating Cash Flows
8/5/2019 ANSYS Announces Record Q2 Financial Results Including Double-Digit Growth in Revenue, EPS and ACV
8/6/2018 ANSYS Announces Record Q2 2018 Financial Results: Driven by Strong Revenue and Earnings Growth
8/6/2018 全球半導體領導者海思借力ANSYS推動產品創新
8/7/2019 AGI and ANSYS Collaboration Streamlines High-Speed Hypersonic Weapon Defense System Design and Integration
8/11/2016 ANSYS工程模擬軟體將助力卡特彼勒實現創新產品設計
8/13/2019 ANSYS榮獲FAST COMPANY全球50大最適合創新者任職公司
8/14/2019 速霸陸公司與ANSYS攜手帶動未來油電混合動力車設計
8/18/2016 ANSYS助力FLOWSERVE率先採用數字雙胞胎創新技術,實現更高效率和可靠性,並降低風險
8/20/2019 ANSYS Cloud Gains Marketplace Momentum
8/23/2016 ANSYS 17.2顯著提升模擬精度和工作效率,充分滿足新一代產品研發要求
8/22/2017 ANSYS 18.2進一步夯實模擬速度和精度
8/26/2019 ANSYS Names Julie Murphy as Vice President of Human Resources
8/29/2017 ANSYS攜手印度理工學院孟買分校推進全球研發創新
8/29/2016 ANSYS Announces Leadership Succession Plan
9/3/2019 ANSYS and Edge Case Research Transform Autonomous Vehicle Artificial Intelligence
9/7/2017 ANSYS推出突破性模擬技術為產品開發數位探索帶來革命性的進展
9/8/2017 Barrons: ANSYS Spreads the Gospel of Simulation to a Broader Audience
9/9/2019 ANSYS and Autodesk Collaborate to Spur Innovation for the Automotive Industry
9/10/2019 ANSYS 2019 R3 Expands Autonomous Vehicles Solution
9/11/2019 ANSYS and LS-DYNA Creator Livermore Software Technology Corporation Sign Definitive Acquisition Agreement
9/12/2016 ANSYS AIM 17.2:為設計工程師擴展前期模擬功能
9/12/2017 ANSYS獲台積電12奈米認證支援新世代電子設備
9/11/2019 ANSYS To Host Investor Day On September 12, 2019
9/13/2017 ANSYS to Host Investor Day on September 14, 2017
9/14/2016 ANSYS助力初創公司打造滿足未來需求的產品
9/14/2017 TSMC and ANSYS Enable Automotive Reliability Solutions
9/18/2018 ANSYS 19.2全面提升解決速度問題
9/19/2017 ANSYS模擬工具成功通過英特爾定制代工廠22nm FINFET低功耗工藝技術的認證
9/22/2016 ANSYS和TSMC攜手助力晶片製造商設計尖端多晶片晶片-封裝系統
9/26/2019 ANSYS Multiphysics Solutions Achieve Certification on TSMC N5P and N6 Process Technologies
10/1/2019 Most Consumers Believe Self-Driving Cars Will Outperform Humans Within a Decade According to ANSYS Survey
10/5/2018 ANSYS榮獲台積電7奈米FinFET Plus製程技術與InFO_MS先進封裝技術認證
10/3/2018 ANSYS and Granta Design Collaborate To Empower Additive Manufacturing
10/3/2018 台積電與ANSYS加速催生車用可靠度解決方案
10/2/2019 ANSYS Boosts Support for On-Premise Simulation Through Improved Elastic Licensing
10/8/2019 ANSYS Strengthens Electric Machine Design Offerings Through New Agreement with Motor Design Ltd.
10/10/2019 Richard Childress Racing's Partnership With ANSYS Drives Results on the Track
10/11/2018 Prith Banerjee Joins ANSYS as Chief Technology Officer
10/12/2017 ANSYS to Release Third Quarter 2017 Earnings Results After Market Close on November 1, 2017
10/15/2019 ANSYS to Release Third Quarter 2019 Earnings Results After Market Close on November 6, 2019
10/15/2019 TURBOTECH Revolutionizes Hybrid-Electric Aircraft with ANSYS
10/16/2018 ANSYS to Release Third Quarter 2018 Earnings Results After Market Close on November 7, 2018
10/17/2016 ANSYS to Release Third Quarter and YTD 2016 Financial Results on November 3, 2016
10/17/2019 Samsung Foundry Certifies ANSYS Multiphysics Simulation Solutions for Multi-Die Integration Advanced Packaging Technology
10/23/2019 ASE Group Significantly Advances Semiconductor Packaging Development with ANSYS Customization Toolkit Solution
10/24/2019 ANSYS and Simulation Process Integration and Design Optimization Leader Dynardo Sign Definitive Acquisition Agreement
10/25/2017 RESCALE與ANSYS攜手協助新創公司加速創新與產品開發
10/26/2016 業界遠見者齊聚ANSYS DIMENSIONS創新高管會議,共同探討日新月異的技術潮流
10/29/2018 ANSYS榮獲台積電開放創新平台生態系統論壇三大獎項
10/31/2019 Carnegie Mellon University and ANSYS Transform Engineering Education and Research to Spur Next Industrial Revolution
11/3/2016 ANSYS收購KPIT Medini Technologies
11/4/2019 ANSYS to Extend Microsoft Azure Digital Twins with Physics-Based Simulations
11/7/2017 ANSYS獲頒三項台積電年度夥伴獎
11/5/2018 ANSYS Empowers Startup Companies Worldwide Through Growing Startup Program
11/5/2019 Autonomous Race Car Competition To Take Place at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2021
11/6/2019 ANSYS Announces Record Q3 Financial Results With Double-Digit Growth in Revenue and ACV
11/7/2018 ANSYS Announces Exceptional Q3 Results, With Double-Digit Growth in Revenue, EPS, ACV and Operating Cash Flow
11/15/2016 ANSYS、HLRS和CRAY攜手共創全新的超級計算紀錄
11/21/2017 ANSYS收購積層製造模擬領導企業3DSIM
11/15/2019 TSMC Recognizes ANSYS With Two Partner of the Year Awards
11/16/2016 ANSYS與GE攜手共創數字雙胞胎價值,踐行工業物聯網承諾
11/17/2016 ANSYS攜手華為構建工業CAE解決方案
11/19/2019 Autodesk and ANSYS Drive Seamless Engineering Workflow Interoperability to Speed New Product Innovation
11/20/2019 Rockwell Automation and ANSYS Announce Strategic Partnership, Driving Quicker Time to Market and Operational Efficiency for Customers
11/21/2019 Porsche Fully Electric Race Car Targets Formula E Championship Using ANSYS Technology
11/30/2016 業界資深人士Rick Mahoney出任ANSYS全球銷售負責人
Rick Mahoney
Rick Mahoney
11/30/2018 ANSYS to Present at Upcoming Investor Conferences
12/4/2018 ANSYS Develops Open File Format for Thermal Simulation
12/5/2017 ANSYS模擬技術協助法拉利車隊勇奪佳績
12/5/2019 Telma Shortens Path to Market for Frictionless Braking Systems with ANSYS
12/10/2019 ANSYS Accelerates Electronic Product Design and Signoff for Global Custom Asic Leader
12/11/2018 ANSYS Propels Innovation Through Next Generation of Engineers
12/16/2019 ANSYS to Join NASDAQ-100 Index
12/18/2018 Modelithics and ANSYS Accelerate Creation of Complex Wireless Communication Systems for 5G and the IIoT
12/19/2019 ANSYS to Showcase Future Mobility Solutions at CES 2020
8/25/2017 ANSYS,引领高性能云仿真应用趋势
8/29/2017 持续技术创新,普莱德成新能源电池新秀