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Mary Kate Joyce
Public Relations Manager, ANSYS, Inc.

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1/6/2020 AEye and ANSYS Accelerate Autonomous Driving Safety
1/7/2020 ANSYS和BlackBerry合作支援新世代汽車
1/7/2020 FLIR Systems and ANSYS Collaborate to Enhance Autonomous Vehicles Safety
1/9/2018 ANSYS Announces Winners of 2018 Hall of Fame Competition
1/9/2019 ANSYS Announces Winners of 2019 Hall of Fame Competition
1/21/2019 ANSYS與電磁串音解決方案領導業者Helic簽署最終併購協定
1/21/2020 ANSYS Student Software Surpasses One Million Downloads
1/22/2019 ANSYS and Material Intelligence Leader Granta Design Sign Definitive Acquisition Agreement
1/23/2020 ANSYS Announces Winners of 2020 Hall of Fame Competition
1/25/2017 ANSYS宣佈2017年名人堂競賽優勝者
1/27/2016 ANSYS17.0重磅發佈
1/27/2020 ANSYS to Release Fourth Quarter and FY 2019 Earnings on February 26, 2020
1/28/2020 ANSYS 2020 R1以數位方式串接跨產品生命週期流程模擬
1/29/2019 ANSYS 2019 R1為解決新世代產品挑戰的工程師提供速度和使用便利性
1/30/2018 ANSYS 19降低複雜度並刺激生產力
1/31/2017 ANSYS 18助力實現無所不在的工程模擬技術
2/5/2019 全新推出ANSYS CLOUD 加速工程生產力和企業靈活度
2/6/2019 ANSYS在企業永續發展方面的領導地位榮獲肯定
2/12/2019 ANSYS Twin Builder幫助各機構最佳化產品操作並加速產品開發
2/13/2018 ANSYS DISCOVERY LIVE將即時數位探索帶給每一位工程師
2/15/2018 Richard Childress Racing Leverages ANSYS to Improve Racecar Speeds
2/19/2020 Ansys Appoints Robert Calderoni and Ravi Vijayaraghavan to the Board of Directors
2/20/2018 GE Spurs Product Innovation Through Multi-Year Agreement with ANSYS
2/20/2019 ANSYS Expands Materials Teaching Support with New CES EduPack 2019 from Granta
2/21/2018 ANSYS Announces Q4 2017 Financial Results: A Strong Finish Reflecting Record Bookings, Revenue, EPS and Operating Cash Flow
2/21/2018 ANSYS Replenishes Authorized Share Repurchase Program to Five Million Shares
11/17/2016 ANSYS攜手華為構建工業CAE解決方案
11/17/2016 ANSYS攜手華為構建工業CAE解決方案
2/22/2017 ANSYS與格蘭富攜手研發數字雙胞胎
2/25/2020 ANSYS加速5G、高效能運算和人工智慧設計
2/26/2020 Ansys Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2019 Financial Results With Record Revenue, EPS, ACV and Operating Cash Flow
2/27/2017 美卓擴大採用ANSYS模擬軟體,以推進產品研發工作
2/27/2019 ANSYS Announces Q4 Results: Record Finish Reflects Double-Digit Growth in Revenue, ACV, EPS and Operating Cash Flow
3/1/2016 ANSYS軟體助力紅牛車隊改善模擬性能
3/4/2020 Ansys Named A 2020 Women On Boards Winning Company
3/5/2020 Ansys and Photonic Simulation Leader Lumerical Sign Definitive Acquisition Agreement
3/10/2020 EDF Pioneers Low-Carbon Power Generation Technologies with Ansys Multiphysics Solutions
1/1/0001 03-12-20-REFRESH-US-Army-L3Harris-Ansys-Collaborate-to-Improve-Aviation-Performance-Affordability
3/12/2020 U.S. Army, L3Harris and Ansys Collaborate to Improve Aviation Performance and Affordability
3/15/2017 ANSYS完成TSMC 7nm認證,進一步擴展了InFO封裝技術的功能,支援以更小更薄的尺寸打造可靠的電子產品
3/15/2016 ANSYS和TSMC助力晶片製造商打造尖端電子產品
3/16/2020 Physical Optics Corporation and Ansys Streamline Avionics Development for U.S. Military Aircraft
3/22/2018 ANSYS to Acquire Optical Simulation Leader OPTIS
3/31/2016 ANSYS Introduces Industry's Most Comprehensive Pay Per Use Licensing Model for Engineering Simulation Software
3/31/2020 Ansys Wins Prestigious Industrial Internet of Things Award
4/3/2017 ANSYS任命MATTHEW ZACK領導公司的業務發展工作
4/6/2016 ANSYS發佈最新版SAVANT和EMIT
4/9/2019 ANSYS Announces Indian Institute of Technology Bombay PHD Fellowship Program
4/11/2017 ANSYS技術助您大獲成功:ANSYS實現航空業里程碑
4/12/2016 ANSYS解決方案通過三星代工最新一代晶片技術的認證
4/14/2016 ANSYS to Release First Quarter 2016 Earnings on May 5, 2016
4/15/2019 ANSYS to Release First Quarter 2019 Earnings Results after Market Close on May 1, 2019
4/17/2018 ANSYS to Release First Quarter 2018 Earnings Results After Market Close on May 2, 2018
4/17/2019 ANSYS Fast Tracks Ferrari GT Race Car Designs Through New Partnership Agreement
4/19/2018 ANSYS Additive Manufacturing Solutions Transform Aerospace and Defense, Biotech and Automotive Industries
4/22/2019 ANSYS完成最新台積電5奈米FinFET製程技術認證
4/23/2019 LG Electronics Advances Product Innovation Through Multi-year Agreement with ANSYS
4/24/2019 ANSYS獲台積電創新系統整合晶片(TSMC-SoIC™) 先進3D晶片堆疊技術認證
4/26/2016 ANSYS模擬解決方案助力ARM實現面向物聯網和雲伺服器的節能型IP
5/2/2018 Embraer和ANSYS加速新世代飛機上市時程
4/29/2020 Software Motor Company and Ansys Speed Development of Advanced Motors Using Automated Workflow to Help Reduce Climate Change
5/11/2018 ANSYS針對台積電先進封裝技術拓展解決方案滿足日益成長的效能、可靠度與耗電需求
5/11/2018 ANSYS解決方案獲台積電先進5奈米製程認證
4/30/2020 Ansys RaptorH獲三星晶圓代工2.5D/3D積體電路和系統電磁效應認證
5/1/2019 ANSYS收購電子自動化設計分析領導者DfR Solutions公司
5/1/2019 ANSYS Announces Strong Q1 2019 Results and Raises FY 2019 Outlook for Revenue and EPS
5/2/2017 普惠借力ANSYS工程模擬技術實現標準化
5/2/2018 ANSYS Acquires OPTIS, Becomes Industry's Leading Solution Provider for Autonomous Vehicle Simulations
5/2/2018 ANSYS Announces Q1 2018 Financial Results: a Strong Start Reflecting Record First Quarter Revenue, EPS and Operating Cash Flows
5/4/2016 ANSYS技術助力通用電氣縮短開發時間,實現創新產品性能
5/3/2017 ANSYS Announces Q1 2017 Financial Results: A Record First Quarter Reflecting Double-Digit Growth in Bookings, Revenue, EPS and Operating Cash Flow
5/5/2016 ANSYS Reports First Quarter 2016 Financial Results
5/6/2020 Ansys RedHawk-SC多重物理場簽核解決方案 榮獲台積電所有先進製程技術認證
5/10/2016 ANSYS 17.1在設計流程早期階段實現精心優化的系統性能
5/10/2016 Indra Optimizes Product Design with ANSYS
5/13/2016 ANSYS半導體解決方案助力眾多行業領導者在晶片設計領域獲得成功
5/13/2019 ANSYS Solutions Certified for Samsung 5LPE Process Technology
5/14/2019 RFS and ANSYS Lay Foundation for 5G-ready Antennas
6/20/2018 ANSYS 19.1針對以模擬為基礎的數位雙生推出首個完整解決方案
5/16/2017 ANSYS 18.1擴展無處不在的工程模擬技術
5/17/2017 PTC和ANSYS聯合研發平臺解決方案,大力支持工業物聯網的數字仿真
5/18/2016 ANSYS Student 免費版增加了AIM--傾力打造STEM學生的最佳工程師之路
5/20/2016 ANSYS發佈SeaHawk--率先將大資料和機器學習系統引入工程模擬領域
5/19/2020 Ansys, Microsoft, Dell and Lendlease Unite to Expedite Digital Twin Adoption
5/20/2019 ANSYS Chief Executive to Present at Baird 2019 Conference
5/22/2018 ANSYS Awarded 2018 Achievement in Customer Excellence
5/23/2019 Analytical Graphics and ANSYS Launch Joint Technology Partnership
5/24/2017 ANSYS自發熱、電源完整性和電遷移解決方案獲得三星最新FINFET技術支持
5/28/2019 ANSYS Power Integrity and Reliability Signoff Solutions Adopted by Mellanox Technologies to Innovate High-Performance Networking Designs
5/30/2019 eSilicon Revolutionizes Next-Generation System-In-Package Designs With ANSYS Multiphysics Solutions
5/31/2016 ANSYS, Inc. to Webcast 2016 Investor Day
6/3/2016 ANSYS和卡內基梅隆大學攜手推動下一次工業革命,顛覆實體產品製造領域
6/3/2019 Volkswagen Smashes Time Record at Legendary Nürburgring with ANSYS Simulation Solutions
6/4/2018 ANSYS and SAP Partner to Unveil Insights from Rich Data Across Engineering and Operations Value Chains
6/4/2019 ANSYS 2019 R2強化設計、工程和製造間的數位設計流程
6/6/2017 ANSYS推出的最新解決方案助力實現高效可靠的汽車、移動和HPC電子設計
5/18/2016 ANSYS Student 免費版增加了AIM--傾力打造STEM學生的最佳工程師之路
6/10/2019 ANSYS and BMW Group Partner to Jointly Create the Industry's First Simulation Tool Chain for Autonomous Driving
6/10/2020 ANSYS推出「模擬藝術」影像競賽
6/11/2020 Ansys and Electro Magnetic Applications Partner to Deliver Design-to-Validation Workflow for Cable Harnesses
6/16/2016 ANSYS與匹茲堡大學連袂研發全新計算工具,推動增材製造向更廣闊領域發展
6/15/2017 ANSYS Joins S&P 500
6/15/2020 ANSYS 工程模擬高峰會吸引大規模來自全球工程領域聽眾參與
6/17/2019 ANSYS Reveals 70% of Consumers Expect to Travel in an Autonomous Aircraft in Their Lifetime
6/18/2018 ANSYS and PTC to Offer Groundbreaking Integrated Solution for Design at the Speed of Thought
6/18/2019 Airbus and ANSYS Partner to Enable Autonomous Flight to Support Future Combat Air System by 2030
6/19/2017 ANSYS和SYNOPSYS將展開合作,加速優化新一代高性能計算、移動和汽車產品的魯棒性設計
6/9/2018 Volkswagen Unveils Fully-Electric Super Sports Car Powered by ANSYS Technology
6/20/2016 HPE Unveils New HPC Solutions
6/20/2017 ANSYS任命JANET LEE為首席法律顧問
6/21/2017 ANSYS和KRONO-SAFE推出面向關鍵航空航太應用的集成型軟體平臺
6/22/2018 ANSYS獲三星晶圓代工部門自加熱、電源完整性和電子遷移解決方案認證
6/24/2016 ANSYS榮獲CONFIRMIT ACE評委推薦獎
6/23/2020 Ansys Spurs Innovation Through Student Competition for Autonomous Vehicle Technology Design
6/25/2018 ANSYS解決方案獲聯電先進14奈米製程技術認證
6/25/2019 AVSimulation and ANSYS Speed Development of Safe Autonomous Driving for Automakers
6/27/2017 ANSYS解決方案助力紐西蘭酋長隊勇奪美洲杯帆船賽桂冠
6/27/2018 Volkswagen Breaks Time Record at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Using ANSYS Technology
7/7/2020 Ansys and Air Race E Pioneer Next-Generation Electric Aircraft
7/9/2020 Ansys Recognized as 2020 Bay Area Best Place to Work
7/13/2016 ANSYS to Release Second Quarter 2016 Earnings on August 4, 2016
7/15/2019 ANSYS Welcomes Lynn Ledwith as Vice President of Marketing
7/15/2020 ANSYS 2020 R2 幫助工程團隊加速創新
7/16/2020 Ansys Discovery Greatly Improves Product Design Processes
6/21/2017 ANSYS和KRONO-SAFE推出面向關鍵航空航太應用的集成型軟體平臺
7/18/2017 ANSYS、沙特阿美和阿卜杜拉國王科技大學聯手突破超級計算紀錄
7/20/2016 ANSYS模擬工具成功通過英特爾定制代工廠新一代10nm三柵極工藝技術的認證
7/21/2020 Ansys Accelerates Passive Safety System Development
7/25/2017 ANSYS助力全球初創公司加速產品研發
7/28/2020 Ansys Innovation Courses Drive Remote Learning to Educate the Next Generation of Engineers
Ansys Innovation Courses Logo
Ansys Innovation Courses Logo
7/30/2020 Ansys Named to Fast Company's Second Annual List of the 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators
Ansys Named to Fast Company's Second Annual List of the 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators
Ansys Named to Fast Company's Second Annual List of the 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators
8/2/2017 ANSYS Announces Q2 2017 Financial Results: An Excellent Quarter Reflecting Record Q2 Revenue, EPS and Operating Cash Flows
8/6/2018 ANSYS Announces Record Q2 2018 Financial Results: Driven by Strong Revenue and Earnings Growth
8/5/2019 ANSYS Announces Record Q2 Financial Results Including Double-Digit Growth in Revenue, EPS and ACV
8/5/2020 Ansys Announces Q2 Financial Results With Q2 Record Revenue, ACV and Operating Cash Flow
8/6/2018 全球半導體領導者海思借力ANSYS推動產品創新
8/7/2019 AGI and ANSYS Collaboration Streamlines High-Speed Hypersonic Weapon Defense System Design and Integration
8/11/2016 ANSYS工程模擬軟體將助力卡特彼勒實現創新產品設計
8/13/2019 ANSYS榮獲FAST COMPANY全球50大最適合創新者任職公司
8/14/2019 速霸陸公司與ANSYS攜手帶動未來油電混合動力車設計
8/18/2016 ANSYS助力FLOWSERVE率先採用數字雙胞胎創新技術,實現更高效率和可靠性,並降低風險
8/20/2019 ANSYS Cloud Gains Marketplace Momentum
8/23/2016 ANSYS 17.2顯著提升模擬精度和工作效率,充分滿足新一代產品研發要求
8/22/2017 ANSYS 18.2進一步夯實模擬速度和精度
8/26/2019 ANSYS Names Julie Murphy as Vice President of Human Resources
8/29/2017 ANSYS攜手印度理工學院孟買分校推進全球研發創新
8/29/2016 ANSYS Announces Leadership Succession Plan
9/3/2019 ANSYS and Edge Case Research Transform Autonomous Vehicle Artificial Intelligence
9/7/2017 ANSYS推出突破性模擬技術為產品開發數位探索帶來革命性的進展
9/8/2017 Barrons: ANSYS Spreads the Gospel of Simulation to a Broader Audience
9/9/2019 ANSYS與AUTODESK攜手合作 推動汽車產業設計創新
9/10/2019 ANSYS 2019 R3 Expands Autonomous Vehicles Solution
9/11/2019 ANSYS and LS-DYNA Creator Livermore Software Technology Corporation Sign Definitive Acquisition Agreement
9/12/2016 ANSYS AIM 17.2:為設計工程師擴展前期模擬功能
9/12/2017 ANSYS獲台積電12奈米認證支援新世代電子設備
9/11/2019 ANSYS To Host Investor Day On September 12, 2019
9/13/2017 ANSYS to Host Investor Day on September 14, 2017
9/14/2016 ANSYS助力初創公司打造滿足未來需求的產品
9/14/2017 TSMC and ANSYS Enable Automotive Reliability Solutions
9/18/2018 ANSYS 19.2全面提升解決速度問題
9/19/2017 ANSYS模擬工具成功通過英特爾定制代工廠22nm FINFET低功耗工藝技術的認證
9/22/2016 ANSYS和TSMC攜手助力晶片製造商設計尖端多晶片晶片-封裝系統
9/26/2019 ANSYS多物理解決方案獲台積電N5P和N6製程技術認證
10/1/2019 Most Consumers Believe Self-Driving Cars Will Outperform Humans Within a Decade According to ANSYS Survey
10/5/2018 ANSYS榮獲台積電7奈米FinFET Plus製程技術與InFO_MS先進封裝技術認證
10/3/2018 ANSYS and Granta Design Collaborate To Empower Additive Manufacturing
10/3/2018 台積電與ANSYS加速催生車用可靠度解決方案
10/2/2019 ANSYS Boosts Support for On-Premise Simulation Through Improved Elastic Licensing
10/8/2019 ANSYS Strengthens Electric Machine Design Offerings Through New Agreement with Motor Design Ltd.
10/10/2019 Richard Childress Racing's Partnership With ANSYS Drives Results on the Track
10/11/2018 Prith Banerjee Joins ANSYS as Chief Technology Officer
10/12/2017 ANSYS to Release Third Quarter 2017 Earnings Results After Market Close on November 1, 2017
10/15/2019 ANSYS to Release Third Quarter 2019 Earnings Results After Market Close on November 6, 2019
10/15/2019 TURBOTECH Revolutionizes Hybrid-Electric Aircraft with ANSYS
10/16/2018 ANSYS to Release Third Quarter 2018 Earnings Results After Market Close on November 7, 2018
10/17/2016 ANSYS to Release Third Quarter and YTD 2016 Financial Results on November 3, 2016
10/17/2019 Samsung Foundry Certifies ANSYS Multiphysics Simulation Solutions for Multi-Die Integration Advanced Packaging Technology
10/23/2019 日月光半導體使用ANSYS客製化工具套件解決方案 推進半導體封裝技術開發
10/24/2019 ANSYS and Simulation Process Integration and Design Optimization Leader Dynardo Sign Definitive Acquisition Agreement
10/25/2017 RESCALE與ANSYS攜手協助新創公司加速創新與產品開發
10/26/2016 業界遠見者齊聚ANSYS DIMENSIONS創新高管會議,共同探討日新月異的技術潮流
10/29/2018 ANSYS榮獲台積電開放創新平台生態系統論壇三大獎項
10/31/2019 Carnegie Mellon University and ANSYS Transform Engineering Education and Research to Spur Next Industrial Revolution
11/3/2016 ANSYS收購KPIT Medini Technologies
11/4/2019 ANSYS to Extend Microsoft Azure Digital Twins with Physics-Based Simulations
11/7/2017 ANSYS獲頒三項台積電年度夥伴獎
11/5/2018 ANSYS Empowers Startup Companies Worldwide Through Growing Startup Program
11/5/2019 Autonomous Race Car Competition To Take Place at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2021
11/6/2019 ANSYS Announces Record Q3 Financial Results With Double-Digit Growth in Revenue and ACV
11/7/2018 ANSYS Announces Exceptional Q3 Results, With Double-Digit Growth in Revenue, EPS, ACV and Operating Cash Flow
11/15/2016 ANSYS、HLRS和CRAY攜手共創全新的超級計算紀錄
11/21/2017 ANSYS收購積層製造模擬領導企業3DSIM
11/15/2019 ANSYS榮獲兩項台積電年度夥伴獎肯定
11/16/2016 ANSYS與GE攜手共創數字雙胞胎價值,踐行工業物聯網承諾
11/17/2016 ANSYS攜手華為構建工業CAE解決方案
11/19/2019 Autodesk and ANSYS Drive Seamless Engineering Workflow Interoperability to Speed New Product Innovation
11/20/2019 Rockwell Automation and ANSYS Announce Strategic Partnership, Driving Quicker Time to Market and Operational Efficiency for Customers
11/21/2019 Porsche Fully Electric Race Car Targets Formula E Championship Using ANSYS Technology
11/30/2016 業界資深人士Rick Mahoney出任ANSYS全球銷售負責人
Rick Mahoney
Rick Mahoney
11/30/2018 ANSYS to Present at Upcoming Investor Conferences
12/4/2018 ANSYS Develops Open File Format for Thermal Simulation
12/5/2017 ANSYS模擬技術協助法拉利車隊勇奪佳績
12/5/2019 Telma Shortens Path to Market for Frictionless Braking Systems with ANSYS
12/10/2019 ANSYS Accelerates Electronic Product Design and Signoff for Global Custom Asic Leader
12/11/2018 ANSYS Propels Innovation Through Next Generation of Engineers
12/16/2019 ANSYS成為NASDAQ 100指數成分股
12/18/2018 Modelithics and ANSYS Accelerate Creation of Complex Wireless Communication Systems for 5G and the IIoT
12/19/2019 ANSYS於CES 2020展出未來行動解決方案
8/25/2017 ANSYS,引领高性能云仿真应用趋势
8/29/2017 持续技术创新,普莱德成新能源电池新秀