Joins us for an ANSYS Webinar

Designing Composite Materials using Multiscale.Sim for Ansys Mechanical


11:00 AM (EDT)

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Featuring high usability by providing nonlinear functions, Multiscale.Sim is a fully compatible add-in tool, embedded in the Ansys Workbench environment. Helping you design composite materials such as fiber or filler, reinforced plastic, porous, lattice and honeycomb, Multiscale.Sim enables you to understand macroscopic material behavior and material constants based on virtual testing of microstructure models.

A free version of Multiscale.Sim with limited functionality is available now in the Ansys Store and a full version containing every feature will be released to the Ansys Store soon.

Join us for this free webinar that spotlights Multiscale.Sim’s exciting features, providing high-performance productivity for Workbench users.

  • Explore current features in Multiscale.Sim’s free trial version and preview new features in the upcoming full version.
  • Discover how to use the multiscale analysis technique to surmount complicated materials problems.
  • Understand how to assess every material constant without costly experimental campaigns.
  • Learn how to use Multiscale.Sim to overcome materials modeling and characterization challenges.

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