Joins us for an ANSYS Webinar

GRANTA MI Pro — A Fast-Start Solution to Managing Materials Data for Design and Simulation


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EST)

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You need the right materials data as input for design and simulation projects. That’s why many leading engineering organizations implement GRANTA MI as an enterprise-wide materials information management system. But what if you want to get started quickly, with a focused solution for design and simulation?

In this webinar, we introduce GRANTA MI:Pro — a new, fast-start solution that enables you to do just that. MI:Pro provides a cost-effective route to build and maintain a team’s materials database, enabling engineers to quickly find and compare design and simulation data for engineering materials, and to apply this data within their preferred CAD and CAE tools. 

What you will learn:

  • Why accurate materials data is important for simulation and design
  • How the new GRANTA MI:Pro makes it easy to combine reference and in-house data to create a database of approved corporate materials data
  • How designers and CAE analysts can access this data and instantly apply it within their familiar NX or ANSYS Workbench environments

Who should attend:

  • CAD and CAE engineers using NX or ANSYS Workbench
  • The team member responsible for materials data, whether a specialist materials engineer, or a CAD/CAE engineer appointed to own materials input data for their team

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